Lightdox Boards ‘On the Edge,’ Honored With Special Mention at CPH:DOX

Swiss sales agency Lightdox has acquired the international rights to feature documentary “On the Edge” by Nicolas Peduzzi, which just had its world premiere at Copenhagen documentary festival CPH:DOX in the DOX:AWARD competition, and received a Special Mention from the jury, who said the film “gripped us, and took us on a journey through the labyrinth of a human mind.”

The film centers on Jamal Abdel Kader, who is the only psychiatrist in a 400-bed state hospital on the outskirts of Paris. Dedicated to his patients, he does his utmost to soothe their pain, listen to their words, and protect them from their own demons. However, the public health service is doing badly. There isn’t enough time, the caregivers are under severe strain as the institution is understaffed and underfunded. Yet Jamal and his colleagues keep striving to fulfil their mission: to heal bodies and souls.

Anna Berthollet, co-founder and CEO of Lightdox, comments: “We were deeply touched by Nicolas Peduzzi’s skilful filmmaking, which captures the daily struggles of the staff at the Beaujon hospital with great care and sensitivity. ‘On the Edge’ is a timely and relevant account of the reality of healthcare, revealing how much strain and neglect the system is under. And yet following Jamal as he treats his patients with great care and dedication is a hopeful and moving story of humanity. We are proud to come onboard to defend this powerful film on the international scene.”

“On the Edge” is produced by Carine Ruszniewski of GoGoGo Films in France, in association with ARTE France.

Ruszniewski says: “I am proud that this film resonates with all of us. In my view, the film goes beyond the subject of the state of the French public hospital and psychiatry. It questions the place of our professions in our lives and the price of professional commitment. How can we reach out to those who are excluded from a capitalist production system? It is the strength of Nicolas that he raises major questions without seeming to do so.”

After several appearances in films as an actor, including “Les Fausses Confidences” by Luc Bondy, Peduzzi directed feature documentary “Southern Belle,” released in France in 2018. The film was awarded the Grand Prix at the FID Marseille. He then directed “Ghost Song,” selected at the ACID in Cannes in 2021, and shown in the U.S. by Vice. “On the Edge” is his third feature documentary.

It was developed with the support of Région Île-de-France, with the participation of Tënk and benefited from the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Film Workout.