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Looking for a great selfie spot in Baton Rouge? Try these glamorous restaurant bathrooms

Sclafani said the fiery powder room at Juban’s is often tagged in photos on social media, but he can’t take all the credit for the idea.

After he redesigned the location of Bocage Portobello’s Grill, Sclafani’s daughter said to him, “Dad, I don’t know if you know this, but your restaurant is going to be cool.” He asked how, and she promptly showed him photos of her friends taking pictures in the bathroom and tagging each other in the restaurant.

Then she showed him other places in Baton Rouge with other aesthetically pleasing restrooms.

Peter Sclafani said the fiery women’s toilet in Juban is often tagged in photos on social media.

BY JAN RISHER | Features Editor

Sclafani said his daughter told him: “My friends, you go in there and take these photos in the bathroom – but it can’t look like a bathroom. It has to look like something else.”

And so the wheels began to turn. Sclafani then teamed up with Michael Boudreaux and Kiva Guidroz to remodel and reopen Juban’s in July 2020. In fact, a glamorous powder room was included.

Have you taken a bathroom selfie lately?

Although women have been known to go to the bathroom in groups and spend most of their time taking photos, they don’t have all the fun. Brumby Broussard, co-owner of BLDG 5, designed the men’s room with his wife Misti so that the wall is transparent and showcases unique and meaningful items.

For example, there is a carburetor from an old boat Misti learned to ski on and a bunch of old tools from her grandfather.

“You can really have fun and go crazy there,” Brumby Broussard said of the toilet. “I don’t think anybody sits on the sofa at home and says, ‘Oh, I’m going to go to this place because they have a great bathroom’, but it’s just something fun and extra – a bit of design lagniappe, if.” They want will.”

The original plumbing, electrical and other items can be seen in the restroom at BLDG 5, 2805 Kalurah St. Owners Brumby and Misti Bergeron sought to preserve the building’s integrity in their interior design.


He said guests often stop to take photos in BLDG 5’s bathrooms and comment on the space, appreciating the extra thought that went into the design.

According to Samantha Bastion, interior design studio manager at Ritter Maher Architects, the design world is now paying special attention to toilets where they have been overlooked in the past.