What is the difference between NFL+ and NFL Game Pass?

The NFL, be it on NFL+ or NFL Game Pass, is the best American football league in the world and home to the world’s finest ball players. 2023 is no different, as each team has a roster of high-class players ready to battle for the Super Bowl trophy.

So, to savor the NFL, you can watch on NFL+ or the internationally renowned NFL Game Pass. Now, we will take a glance at the myriad differences between both platforms.

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Comparing NFL+ and NFL Game Pass

Here are some of the differences between NFL+ and NFL Game Pass.

For one thing, both versions of NFL+ cost less than the Game Pass’ price tag of $99.99 per year. The NFL will also give a much bigger push to NFL+ compared to different seasons.

Another huge difference is that NFL Game Pass wasn’t limited to mobile devices, while NFL+ simply allows subscribers to savor live games on their tablets and phones. However, all game replays, coaches’ film options, and everything in between will be available on connected and smart TVs.

Furthermore, Game Pass’ international edition worked similarly to NFL Sunday Ticket. NFL+ is only available in the U.S. and will not feature regular season out-of-market games.

Will NFL Plus have all NFL games?

Yes, NFL Plus has all NFL games available for its subscribers. With an NFL+ Premium subscription, you can watch football on your schedule with full and condensed replays of every game. NFL+ includes live Preseason games that do not air locally within your market on all supported devices.

Is the NFL Sunday Ticket staying on DirecTV?

No, NFL Sunday Ticket is leaving the bouquet of DirecTV for the first time in ages. The famous NFL Sunday Ticket package departs DirectTV and heads to YouTube TV. The NFL announced the partnership with YouTube TV, owned by Google.

What is the difference between NFL+ and NFL Network?

The NFL App is the NFL’s free app where fans can access NFL news, highlights, stats, and more. NFL+ is a paid subscription experience accessed within the app and on NFL+ is available in the United States only.

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