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Release date, cast, production, trailer, where to watch and more

The Flatshare Season 1: Release date, cast, production, trailer, where to watch and more

It is well known that the current state of the property market can be intimidating for young adults, especially in densely populated cities like London.

Based on the Beth O’Leary novel of the same name, The Flatshare sees a palliative care worker and a content provider decide to take turns sleeping in the same bed at different times of the day.

One of them will spend the day at work while the other stays at home to sleep and relax for a few hours before switching places.

These two people, who have never spoken to each other face-to-face, communicated via sticky notes, and they began to discover that there seemed to be a spark between them.

This is a real hidden gem and you should definitely check it out if you’re the type who likes a smoldering love story.

The cast, premiere date and everything else you need to know about the limited series are all brought together in one article for you.

‘The shared flat’

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The WG Season 1 Release Date

The Flatshare will premiere on Paramount Plus in the UK on Thursday 1st December 2022. The television series was filmed in Bristol, Brighton and London over the course of its six episodes.

The WG Season 1: Storyline

As already mentioned, the main characters in this adapted version are Leon and Tiffany, two Londoners in their mid-20s who make the decision to share a flat.

During the day, Tiffany works for a magazine, while Leon usually uses this time to relax at home after completing his routine night shift as a nurse.

Tiffany moves into the apartment as Leon gets ready for his new job.

The two individuals learn to coexist in the same place through active Post-It interactions, although they never actually met in person.

They eventually begin to think more about the prospect of meeting in person because of the unique style of communication they use, which ultimately leads to them getting to know each other better.

And maybe even find love along the way.

The WG Season 1: Trailer

A theme that resonates with the sense of loneliness among crowds that so accurately represents life in the modern suburbs is one that emerges in the novel.

This gives The Flatshare a contemporary identity that viewers can relate to, and also gives the characters an instant empathy that should help ground the idea and encourage emotional engagement.

There is also another side benefit that shows how romantic comedy as a genre has adapted to the norms of culture.

Since being able to work from home does not necessarily mean being a few days away from work, today this society is completely dependent on technology to function efficiently.

This can mean working for a company in the United States while actually residing in another country and never having to interact face-to-face with colleagues.

The shared apartment is a reflection of this world where separation is the norm, where romantic relationships are ephemeral and discussions might as well be sticky notes stuck to the door of a fridge freezer.

Romantic comedies, on the other hand, haven’t changed much over the years and are still meant to bring people closer together, which is what makes this show exceptionally good at the mercy.

'The shared flat'
‘The shared flat’

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The WG Season 1: Cast

The actress who plays Tiffany in The Flatshare, Jessica Brown Findlay, had this to say: “When we first meet Tiff, she is recovering from having her heart broken by her former partner.

She’s still dealing with a relationship that was truly destructive, but the more she’s able to push it back in time, the more her greatest qualities surface.

Jessica admits that she lived in some strange flat shares more than once during her time as a student. She continues, “When I was a student in London, I rented a living room in a shared apartment and it saved me a lot of money.”

“At the time I thought it was a brilliant concept; Still, it meant everyone was in my bedroom from opening until 10pm!

“Working on The Flatshare and bringing Tiff and Leon to life as characters in a romantic comedy opposite the INCREDIBLE Anthony Welsh has been a dream come true for me.

Everyone else, we can’t wait for you to get a new set of keys and hang out with us!

In the first season of Downton Abbey, Jessica played the role of Lady Sybil Crawley, who is largely responsible for her widespread fame.

In addition, she has had roles in the films Jamaica Inn, Black Mirror, Harlots and Munich: The Edge of War. Her other roles include Lenina on Brave New World and Alice on The Outcast, both of which she has played.

Jessica Brown plays the role of Tiffany

Jessica Brown Findlay plays Tiffany in The Flatshare. (Image credit goes to Paramount Plus)
Julian Fellowes, who wrote The Gilded Age, is responsible for the creation of Downton Abbey.

In the first season of Downton Abbey, Jessica Brown Findlay played the role of Lady Sybil, seen on the far right. (Image credit goes to ITV)

Anthony Welsh’s role as Leon

“Working with Jessie was like living in a dream,” said Anthony Welsh, who plays Leon on The Flatshare, in an interview. “I had so much fun making The Flatshare.”

We had such an amazing cast and crew to help bring this world to life and I can’t wait to show everyone our home.

Earlier in Anthony’s acting career, he played Devon Marshall on The Bill. Since then he has had guest appearances on various television series such as Fleabag, Black Mirror and Pure.

He played the role of Father Basil in The Trial of Christine Keeler, Brassic, Hanna and The Great, the latter also starring Nicholas Hoult and Ellie Fanning.

Soon you will be able to see him in the BBC1 thriller The Gallows Pole.

'The shared flat'
‘The shared flat’

Other casts

Bart Edwards (The Witcher), who plays Tiffany’s ex-boyfriend Justin in The Flatshare, and Shaq B. Grant (Gangs of London), who stars as Leon’s brother Richie, are two other actors appearing in the film. The roles of Tiffany’s best friends, Maia and Mo, are played by Shaniqua Okwok (“It’s a Sin”) and Jonah Hauer-King (“World on Fire” and Prince Eric in “The Little Mermaid”), respectively.

The role of Leon’s girlfriend Kay is played by Klariza Clayton (Lovesick, Skins), while Gina Bramhill (Us, Sherlock) plays the role of Tiffany’s colleague Rachel.

WG Author: Beth O’Leary

Beth O’Leary’s 2019 novel The Flatshare, which has since been translated into 33 other languages, served as inspiration for the television show of the same name, based on the novel.

Additionally, Beth is the author of The Switch, The Road Trip, and The No-Show, all of which open in a new tab when clicked (opens in new tab).

'The shared flat'
‘The shared flat’

The WG Season 1: Production

Novelist Beth O’Leary, whose work serves as inspiration for the series, will be credited with writing the television production along with other writers.

Fans of the book will be pleased to learn that the author of the best-selling love story is involved in the adaptation of the novel, although we don’t know which episodes she has been involved in.

O’Leary expressed her excitement for fans to witness the cast bring their characters to life in a post she shared on Instagram along with some first look photos of the series.

During filming, which took place in Brighton, London and Bristol, the two acted as directors of the cast and crew.

Miriam Brent, Rory Aitken and Eleanor Moran are executive producers responsible for bringing this story to the big screen.

Here’s what the three stylists had to say about the series: “We couldn’t be more ecstatic to have the chance to adapt Beth O’Leary’s captivating bestseller for the small screen.

WG is the kind of love story that would appeal to millennials around the world because it’s full of wit and emotion.

We can’t wait for audiences to fall in love with Tiffany and Leon all over again, especially now that Jessica Brown Findlay and Anthony Welsh are set to star on our show.”

'The shared flat'
‘The shared flat’

The Flatshare Season 1: When and where to watch?

The Flatshare is another Paramount+ original that’s looking promising, and the company is increasing its release schedule.

Streaming access to the series is restricted to the Paramount+ platform, access to which requires a membership fee ranging from $4.99 to $9.99 per month.

The first episode of the six-part series was made available to stream on December 1st in the UK, Australia and Canada.

While a release date for the United States and other international markets has yet to be announced, it’s highly likely that it will be available in mid-2023.

If so, you can stream it by clicking the link given below.

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