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Miles Nazaire and Olivia Bentley saying they're 'officially together' is going to get 'him beaten up'

As Made in Chelsea’s 25th season airs, it looks like the celebs are bringing the shock factor from SW3 over to Instagram as Miles Nazaire and Olivia Bentley post topless together, which has fans thinking the faves are ‘boyfriend and girlfriend.’

The E4 show has been running since 2011, and although castmates have come and gone, the drama never left.

We take a look at what’s going down between Made in Chelsea faves Miles and Olivia.

Are Miles and Olivia together?

No, Miles Nazaire and Olivia Bentley aren’t together, but their cozy Instagram pictures over the past couple of days could have had fans fooled.

Olivia Bentley recently broken up with boyfriend Tristan Phipps, although judging by the comments, some fans weren’t aware.

The 27-year-old posted a picture kissing Miles on the cheek along with the caption: “We back babyyyy (no we are not dating- everyone just calm yourselves down. We’ve been friends for years).”

However, it’s the most recent picture that had fans rushing to the comments, as the pair posed topless together. In the caption, Liv wrote: “Fine. It’s official,” which of course sent fans into a frenzy.

Although, Miles cleared things up in the comments breaking hearts everywhere as he wrote: “Lol legally joking.”

He then added: “Guys relax nothing serious has happened we are great friends from years ago!”

Although Miles clearly confirmed the two were joking in the Instagram comments, it seemed like some fans may have missed the heads up as they, understandably, went crazy in the comments.

“Just spat out my coffee,” wrote one fan.

“Shut the front door!!” exclaimed another.

One shocked penned: “They’re together now what ???!!!!”

Another fan joked: “LOL your mate Tristan’s heart was racing on that caption….Liv going to get you beat up [cry laughing emoji]”

Although Liv confirmed she didn’t think her ex was worried about her as she said: “hmmm he’s not here and I don’t think he’s worried about what I’m doing. Probs more concerned about his new girlfriend.”

The comment was in response to a fan that said Tristan would be ‘livid’ if he was still in Corsica.

Olivia calls out ‘body shamers’

Although there were many positive fans in the comments, others weren’t so positive as Liv wrote back to a follower commenting on her body.

The comment read: “No need to suck in it gives girls the wrong impression you look way too skinny. Think about normal people when you post. Not being nasty.”

Liv then replied: “I go to the gym!!!!! Everyone needs to stop commenting on my body. I have also gone through a hell of a bad time recently so yes I have lost weight. But I do eat and I do workout.”

Fans also supported the MIC star in the comments as one wrote: “You are beautiful, inspiring an absolute legend! Ignore the negativity. Keep being you.”

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