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Kathy Hilton will not feature in RHOBH season 13 as new season wraps filming

Kathy Hilton is not returning to RHOBH, reports have confirmed. Rumors that she was leaving have circulated ever since the tequila cocktail drama, but season 13 has now wrapped with no sign of Kathy in sight.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has been feuding with her half-sister, Kyle Richards, for months. As they take baby steps to reconcile their differences, the siblings were seen celebrating Kyle’s niece’s wedding recently.

Despite appearing to mend their feud, Kathy did not return to RHOBH to film. Cameras wrapped up after Kyle’s infamous annual white party with no sign of her half-sister, and fans are gutted over the news.

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Kathy Hilton not returning to RHOBH

Kathy did not return to film RHOBH when filming wrapped last week. Filming began in January and has continued for several months, with many unsure if Kathy would be coming back.

A source close to the RHOBH cast revealed to All About RH: “Kathy has been busy filming Paris In Love Season 2 and did not have the time to film both. She also doesn’t want to fight with Kyle on camera.”

However, Kyle and Kathy‘s sister Kim Richards, an RHOBH OG, was spotted filming for several events during season 13 of RHOBH. She previously interjected in their feud, offering to help resolve their drama.

Inside the Kathy tequila cocktail drama

In September 2022, Kathy was involved in tequila cocktail drama. She was excited to see that the shop’s bar was serving her tequila brand Casa del Sol but got upset when Lisa Rinna ordered a shot of Kendall Jenner’s 818 instead.

Kathy decided to leave, saying she was annoyed. That’s when Kyle and Kathy began to feud. Kyle said:

Kathy was saying she was p***ed off and that I had to leave the club right now. I was very confused because I didn’t even know what happened so I said, ‘No, I’m not doing that. We just got here, Kathy.’

During a drive back to Kyle’s house, Lisa claimed that Kathy spoke rudely of Kyle, and all of the other ladies, too. However, Kathy said that she was not “screaming and throwing things” on the trip, adding, “That is not me.”

RHOBH fans react to Kathy’s exit

Social media has been sent into a frenzy after discovering Kathy Hilton will not be on RHOBH season 13. One fan wrote on Twitter: “It wouldn’t be a season without @kathyhilton.”

Another agreed and penned: “Agree wholeheartedly! Kathy is the best!”

“She will be missed. Love her,” reacted a fellow viewer.

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