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India Official Empties Dam Claiming His Phone Contained Sensitive Information.

An Indian government official was demoted after he gave the order to drain a reservoir in order to get his phone. India Official was suspended.

Millions of liters of water had to be pumped out of the dam over the course of three days when Rajesh Vishwas dropped the camera while taking a selfie.

The phone was too wet to function when it was eventually discovered.

Mr. Vishwas said that it needed to be recovered because it held private government information, but he has been accused of abusing his authority.

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He said he had received verbal approval from a representative of the government to pour “some water into a nearby canal,” adding that the representative had claimed it “would actually benefit the farmers who would have more water.”

Two million liters (440,000 gallons) of water, or enough to irrigate 600 hectares of agriculture, were reportedly drained by the pump over the course of several days of operation.

“When people are depending on tankers for water in the sweltering summers, the officer has drained 41 lakh liters that could have been used for irrigation purposes for 1,500 acres of land,” the national vice-president of the BJP party tweeted.

India Official Empties Dam Claiming His Phone Contained Sensitive Information.

Why Are Dams Important?

Dams provide water for irrigation and a drinking source for its people. Without the water then there wouldn’t be crops which are essential to a growing population.

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Dams provide energy

A renewable resource of energy is provided by the dams through hydroelectric power which is essential for many services that must be provided such as hospitals, heating and cooling, and phones for communications.

Dams help water control

Waterways can sometimes be out of control which could lead to serious flooding, cost of life, the desolation of ecosystems, and many more. That is why it’s important to have dams for water control.

FAQs about Rajesh Vishwas

Hope these help.

India Official Empties Dam Claiming His Phone Contained Sensitive Information.

Rajesh Vishwas. He is a food inspector and he claims that the reason for draining the dam was because his phone contained sensitive information.

What Type Of Phone Was The Dam Drained For In India?

The phone in question is a Galaxy S23 which is approximately worth $1200.

Was the official fired for draining the dam in India?

No, in fact, he was suspended for draining the dam for a phone.

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