EpicVIN Launches Unlimited Vehicle History Checks

EpicVIN is thrilled to announce the launching of the exclusive Unlimited Vehicle History Checks Package, a revolutionary subscription plan that offers unlimited access to vehicle history checks for a convenient monthly fee. Customers are encouraged to enjoy the benefits of the subscription plan during a three-day trial period for a limited time.


Unlike other vehicle history providers that offer limited packages with a set number of reports, EpicVIN’s unlimited vehicle history subscription is the first of its kind to provide unrestricted access to reports at an affordable cost.


With a single monthly fee that can be canceled and reinstated at any time, customers can have unlimited access to vehicle history reports at the same cost that Carfax charges for a single report with the same features, making it the most unique and affordable option for car buyers. Customers can try out the service and have access to vehicle history reports in an unlimited manner for just $4.99 during the three-day trial period.

It is recommended that potential car buyers run VIN reports on each vehicle to check their histories and receive the crucial data needed to avoid scams and ensure the vehicle is safe to operate.

Why Vehicle History Checks?

Vehicle history reports can reveal hidden accident and damage histories, alert you of an odometer, notify you of possible title issues by providing title, lien and ownership histories, ensure it is safe to operate by checking its auto repair and safety recall histories, and more. They also contain a market price analysis and photos of each vehicle so that you can pick the best one at a fair price. Consider it a background check on a vehicle before making a major purchase.

The Unlimited Vehicle History Report package was designed to save car buyers and dealerships time and money on their quest for the perfect vehicle. Having a subscription plan with unlimited VIN number lookups, theft record lookups, market values and ownership costs, accident and salvage lookups, title checks, and more, save customers three times on vehicle history reports as compared with the leading competitors.

With the subscription, customers also save time by simply entering car VINs and getting instant access to multiple reports, without the hassle of having to re-enter your card details each time. Every vehicle history report provided by EpicVIN contains trusted, regularly updated information from top industry leader data sources, including government agencies, insurance providers and car industry partners. Reports are generated in under a minute and outlined in an easy-to-read format for the best customer experience.Also read about Frosted Glass Film.

Aside from the three-day trial period, there is also a special offer for dealers. EpicVIN also offers additional vehicle history report packages for one-time fees for those who aren’t interested in the subscription plan at this time. Customers can buy one report, four reports, or 16 reports at set prices.


Car buyers and dealers are encouraged to visit or contact the customer support team for more information on these great offers and to start their vehicle history journey today.