Below Deck Stars Camille and Natalya team up for steamy OnlyFans collaboration

Camille Lamb and Natalya Scudder are coming together to create content on OnlyFans and you can’t miss what the former said about her plans. Recently, Camille talked about her plans to Dexerto and she revealed how she and Natalya would be having a crossover. So, what can fans of Camille and Natalya expect from them?

Read ahead to know more about Camille Lamb and Natalya Scudder to join together for OnlyFans content creation.

A little about Camille Lamb and Natalya Scudder

Camille Lamb is popular on the internet with various shows she took part in. She has been popular as a singer on American Idol. While later she was also a famous contestant at the Below Deck. Post which she has some more plans including OnlyFans.

Natalya Scudder on the other hand is known as Stew who got famous after being on Below Deck Mediterranean. She has been professionally known for her work as a stew. While these days she is coming along with Camille Lamb and it’s something their fans must know about.

Camille Lamb and Natalya Scudder to join for OnlyFans

Recently, fans of Camille Lamb got to know about another plan of hers. As she is joining Natalya Scudder over OnlyFans content creation. In one of her interviews with Dexerto, Lamb revealed that she is looking forward to working with Natalya Scudder. She said what kind of content she would be working on.

As she revealed that OnlyFans has somewhat of a bad reputation. She would be trying though to let her fans have easy access and get their questions answered too on that platform. She said, “I’m creating fans and real relationships with my fans”. Adding further she said, “i have a good amount of fans and they’re very respectful”.

More on the union of Camille Lamb and Natalya Scudder

Was asked Camille Lamb to whom she would love to make content from Below Deck. She said that she could do that with Natalya Scudder who is a good friend of hers. Camille revealed she is having plans to do so with her.

About her plans, she said “We’re actually working on content together at the moment. She added saying “She’s with Playboy and I’m OnlyFans, but we are going to cross platforms and work together”. This will certainly give a double treat to the fans of both Camille Lamb and Natalya Scudder for sure.

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