53 Year Beautiful Lady’s Dead Body Was Spotted in The Bloody Swimming Pool

A breathtaking incident occurred in the small town of Imperia, northern Italy. A 53-year beautiful lady’s dead body was spotted in the bloody swimming pool by her neighbor. The neighbor reported the situation to an emergency number. The report says that she was attacked by a pet dog. The whole chaos occur when the people of town heard this incident news. they were worried about these animal attacks occurring in the country, last January 2023 a similar incident occur in which a pet animal attacked its owner in the UK. People are scared and want to know the details…


53 Year Beautiful Lady's Dead Body

Ms. Marca was the name of the beautiful lady who was no more in this world. she was living with his brother. Her brother was a popular trader, he was always going over to different towns for his business. He was a dog lover so he brought a Rottweiler as his pet. Rottweiler is a bead of a dog that is a very aggressive and heavyweight species. some people used them for security purposes. this breed is very loyal to their owners but they should be treated with care and respect. Training a rottweiler is not a piece of cake, it requires lots of patience and dedication towards them.


53 Year Beautiful Lady’s Dead Body

On Wednesday afternoon, when Ms. Marca’s brother went outside for a small business. she was taking care of his pet dog. when she was going to feed the dog. suddenly the dog attacks her. She tried to fight and push him back but it caused many serious injuries to her body. Luckily the neighbor heard her voice and call the emergency team and police officers for her help. The whole swimming pool was filled with blood, the emergency team tried to save her life and take her to the nearest hospital.

As the member of emergency stated that she was unable to make it to the hospital. She has very critical injuries and torn body parts which cause her death. the dog was shot by a tranquilizer gun and taken to the nearest kennel for precaution. Police informed this incident to her family and her brother. An investigation team will take over the case and investigate the cause of the accident. Further action on the dog will be decided after the investigation completes until that kennel would take the responsibility for it. follow us to know more updates about this..