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WATCH: How to get a six pack in two days without hitting the gym

six pack abs tattoo

Great news guys and gals, you can get the summer body you’ve always wanted – without breaking a sweat or starving yourself!

While the end-results look very realistic, fitting into a smaller jean size might still prove challenging, and it might be best not to let the ladies run their hands over your ‘chiselled abs’.

Tattoo artists are used to get getting strange requests, but inking six pack abs on your stomach probably tops the list of ‘most unusual tattoo requests’.

Helping a bro out

South African born artist Dean Gunther, who is now based in Manchester in the UK, took to his TikTok account to share one of his very creative tattoos.

The tattoo artist shared how a customer came to him for help to get the perfect summer body. Apparently ‘his bro’ has been going to gym for six years, but still struggled to get a six pack.

When the gym did not give him the results he wanted, he decided to take a different approach and asked Gunther to tattoo six-pack abs on his stomach so that he would always be summer ready.

The video clips of the six-pack abs in progress have garnered almost two million views combined.

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How to get a six pack in two days

Gunther shared the journey of how he created the perfect summer body for his client, by showing the stencil he drew on his stomach before the inking process could start.

It took two days to complete the intricate tattoo, and just over a month and half for the work of art to heal.

@dean.gunther here is the healed result of 6pack tattoo everyone’s been asking for.#6packtattoo#artist#tattoo#6pack#6packchallenge ♬ 10 Things I Hate About You – Leah Kate

While many TikTokers were in awe of how realistic the tattoo of the six-pack abs looks, others were concerned that the man would regret this decision later down the line, while the gym junkies bashed him for not getting real abs.

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