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Patty in the park 2023

Patty in the Parc is one of South Louisiana’s biggest St. Patrick’s Day parties.

The event was attended by Ying Yang Twins, Jamie Bergeron, Rouge Krewe and DJ Digital.

Tickets were $20 dollars each.

The weather was gloomy today but that didn’t stop people from having a great time and partying.

I spoke to Sundays Soda Fountain and they only serve green drinks on St. Patrick’s Day.

Sundays Soda Fountain has been open for a few months now and they have been preparing for St Patrick’s Day and Patty in the Parc for a while.

Bartenders prepared two different green drinks including the Irish Farewell, the Drunken Lullaby and the Lady’s Appreciation.

“I’m really looking forward to the evening crowd that comes in and celebrates the day especially when they come in to get our cocktails so we’ve got some specials going right now, we’ve got some cool milkshakes too. I’m just looking forward to people partying. I know the weather’s a bit dodgy right now, but you know, let’s just have a fun day,” said Justin Lanoux, bartender.

I spoke to Central Pizza and Bar and they say they’ve been preparing for today all week.

Central Pizza and Bar is located in downtown Lafayette and they want to let people know on the dismal rainy weather if you’re looking for a place to open their doors before or after Patty in the Parc.

“We are very happy that many people are coming, especially from the city, especially people who don’t come to the city center. We always want to provide an environment that people feel comfortable in trying new things and trying all of our specialty pizzas, and we always love Patty at the Parc,” said Lindsey D’anna.

Patty in the Parc is located at Parc International and starts at 5:30pm and ends at 10:00pm.