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Next in Fashion's Nigel and Amari have walked down the runway but fans want the aisle

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Next in Fashion’s Nigel and Amari almost turned the show into a dating show, as fans have become so invested in whether the couple is together or not. Their latest interaction on Instagram has added more fuel to the dating fire.

After a three-year hiatus, Next in Fashion made its return to Netflix, and it did not disappoint. New duo Tan France and Gigi Hadid were joined by a star-studded lineup of guest judges including Donatella Versace and Emma Chamberlain.

We take a look into the Next in Fashion couple everyone (including us) ships.

Amari tells Nigel she ‘loves him’

Of course, Nigel is posting all the Next in Fashion content on his Instagram after his well-deserved win. The winner posted a photo dump of episodes 4-6, and the front picture is of course of himself and Amari, coincidence?

The two go on to fuel dating rumors even more as Amari commented telling Nigel she loved him.

She wrote: “You are the best!!! Love you!!! Thank god you chose the cute pic of me because lord knows.”

Next in Fashion fans think Nigel and Amari are together

Although neither Nigel Xavier nor Amari Carter have confirmed or denied the dating rumors, Next in Fashion fans are convinced they are together after the Instagram interaction, and their undeniable chemistry when they paired up on screen.

One commented: “When are you & Amari gonna come out and announce the engagement?”

“So much tension between you two,” wrote another.

Even host Gigi Hadid seemed to ship the two together on the show. She’s just like us!

Nigel Xavier’s Rent the Runway collection is now live

Of course, we mustn’t let the dating rumors take away from Nigel’s huge Next in Fashion win.

Along with his Next in Fashion prize money, he also had his collection featured on the fashion subscription site, Rent the Runway.

The collection is now live on the site and includes a variety of Nigel’s specialty, denim garments, from shirts to jackets.


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