Music industry mourns as Talented Guitarist Wayne Swinny dies at 59 due to brain hemorrhage

Wayne Swinny, the popular guitarist of the band Saliva is no more and fans are heartbroken to know that. The talented guitarist had been hospitalized recently and died later. It was the band itself who shared the sad news about Swinny. But what caused the death of the Saliva guitarist?

Read ahead to know more about Wayne Swinny dying at the age of 59 leaving fans heartbroken.

A little about Wayne Swinny

Wayne Swinny has been famous as the guitarist of the rock band Saliva. Swinny was one of the founding members of the band too. While the band gave Swinny great fame. Swinny has had lots of fans of him.

However, recently a sad news about him came out that shocked all his fans. Wayne had to be hospitalized recently due to some serious health issues. Post which heartbreaking news about him was shared on social media via the band.

Wayne Swinny dies at the age of 59

Wayne Swinny is no more and everyone is heartbroken to know that. It was recently when the rock band Saliva shared the sad news about the demise of Wayne Swinny. In the post shared it was said “It is with great sadness that we report the passing of our brother Wayne Swinny”.

Wayne Swinny had died after suffering a brain haemorrhage. In the post, it was said “Wayne passed away this afternoon from a spontaneous brain haemorrhage while we were out on a tour. Details for the funeral arrangements will be announced shortly. Wayne will be missed by all those who knew him. We love you Wayne”.

Fans pay tribute to the late Saliva guitarist

Ever since fans of Wayne Swinny got to know about his demise of him. They have been left heartbroken and have been paying tribute to the late band star. Heartfelt condolences have been extended to the family and near ones of Swinny.

Moreover, all those who had worked with Wayne before too have remembered him and paid tribute to him. Muck Sticky too paid his tribute to Swinny saying that Wayne was one of the sweetest souls Muck has ever met.

In his post he said, “Genuinely one of the sweetest souls I’ve ever known. Long live the spirit of rock n roll, because a big part of it is no longer on this earth. We love you Wayne. Rock in power!!!”.

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