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Lizzy Musi Net Worth in 2022: Kye Kelley Girlfriend Earnings

Lizzy Musi has a net worth of $1 million and her father taught her how to drag race for a living.

She runs businesses and appears on television, both of which have increased her fortune. She has worked in the car business since she was a child and has also been drag racing.

Drag racing is an exciting sport that’s great for people who like to push themselves to the limit and Lizzy Musi is one of the women who has done well in this area. She has been racing since she was young and has won many awards.

Lizzy Music

She is also known as the future wife of Kye Kelley. The racing driver wants to marry her

Musi and Kelley first met at a PDRA competition that Kye attended. He was scheduled to enter a race about anger. Lizzy admitted that she didn’t know who Kye was at the moment. She had never heard of the Street Outlaws then.

The fact that he was on the Discover show Street Outlaws: New Orleans is a big deal too. He started racing on the road before he even got his license. Before joining the show, he worked full-time at an oil refinery company.

He bought his first car when he was 15 with the money he had saved milking cows and packing groceries. He just opened a performance store called Down South Performance in Mississippi with Greg Champagne.

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What Lizzy Musi will be worth in 2022

In 2022, Lizzy Musi is worth $1 million.

She has done most of the day-to-day operations at Pat Musi Racing Engines (PMRE), whose clients include Pro Nitrous veterans John Hall, Tommy Franklin and Robert Patrick, as well as 2013 ADRL dragstock winner Jason Harris and defending NHRA champion belong to pro-mod world champion Rickie Smith.

Her father no longer works in the front office. Instead, he focuses his efforts on building horsepower in the back.

Musi says: “It really is the work of the whole family”

Her mother and sister do the paperwork and her father brings me the orders. Normally she takes care of emails, partial orders and invoicing. So it’s really a big deal to be collaborating on this.

Things get crazy and hectic, especially when her father is serving customers. When he’s not there, it’s a lot of work because he travels all over the world. A lot happens at once. Most of the time they can handle it alone, but sometimes we need more people to do the job.

Musi has been working on the track with the same level of care over the past few years. At the 2012 ADRL season opener in Houston, she made her debut as a top athlete. That was five years after her last competitive drag race, which she did at age 16 in a Jr. dragster.

Then something happened that briefly made Musi one of the most famous drag racers in the world. In April 2012, while qualifying for her second Top Athlete race at Tennessee’s famed Bristol Dragway, her car veered off the right lane and landed on top of the left guard wall, where it pirouetted perfectly before claiming the top-end TV broke camera because it was on the wrong side of the wall. The camera caught all the action even after its operator jumped the wall to stay safely on track. This made the perfect video to go viral.

In just a few days, Musi’s name and image were known around the world. The crash video was immediately seen by millions of people on and caught the attention of major TV, print and online news outlets including Fox News, USA Today and The Daily Mail in the UK.

This year, Musi won’t be the only family member competing for the PDRA. Tricia, Musi’s younger sister, will make her racing debut in another of her father’s old cars. Tricia, who is 21, will drive Don Ream’s 1997 “Popeye” Firebird in the Top Sportsman division.

Lizzy Musi has a net worth of around $1 million thanks to her years of hard work and dedication to her field. But because she runs the family business, everyone in the family now owns a lot more.

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Does Lizzy Musi’s boyfriend Kye Kelley have kids with her?

To date, Lizzy Musi has no children. Kye, on the other hand, is a father of two and her boyfriend. Kye Kelley has a daughter from his first marriage. Her name is Kenadeigh Alexa Kelley. He also has a daughter named Haleigh with a wife named Sarah.

Lizzy appears to be spending time with his daughter and he has posted some pictures of them on Instagram.

She has been dating Kye for more than two years. In 2017, Lizzy first revealed on her Facebook page that she was dating actor Kye Kelley from the show Street Outlaw.

Lizzy Musi also posts a lot of pictures of the two on her Instagram account. She recently posted a picture of them on Instagram. At Drag Illustrated, Lizzy and Kye looked like they were made for each other. Although her boyfriend was married to his ex-wife Alisa, there are no immediate plans for the couple to get married.

Who is Alisa Mote, Kye Kelly’s first wife?

Aisha Mote was Kelly’s first wife and they have one daughter together. She’s been famous for a while, but she never wanted the world to know about her personal life. Because of this, there are not many details about Alisa’s early life, such as her parents’ names and dates of birth. However, she has spoken out about some parts of her childhood.

Alisa’s older brothers and sisters were Daniel Mote and Crystal Simmons. Alisa is also a smart woman who got her degree in Nursing from one of the best schools, Walden University. She was born in a neighborhood in Gilsburg, Mississippi.

The news reported that Alisa Mote went to nearby Parklane Academy for her elementary or early childhood education. When she finished high school in 2017 and was ready to go to college, she enrolled at Walden University.

Then she decided to become a nurse. After she finished college, she worked as a nurse for a time. As a young nurse, she worked for the North Oaks Health System in Hammond, Louisiana. She is now a flex ability nurse at this hospital.

In 2014 they are said to have been together for a very long time. They ended up getting married in 2015 to show how much they loved each other. Only her closest friends and family members were invited to her small wedding. Their marriage, on the other hand, didn’t last very long.

Because she works a lot, Alisa will probably be single by 2022. She hasn’t told anyone she got married. She also never shows up with a man on social media.

Lizzy Music
Lizzy Music

Lizzy Musi’s father, Pat Musi, is a legend in road racing

At the PRI 2015 show, an exclusive presentation was given by one of the finest drag racing engine builders of the past fifty years and his record-breaking daughter who also races. The marriage between Lizzy Musi and Pat Musi was very successful.

Pat Musi is a big name in the sport of drag racing. He was born and raised in the small town of Carteret, New Jersey. Musi opened a small speed shop behind his father’s shop when he was 18. He had raced on the street before making the move to the drag strip.

Coupled with Musi’s success on the race track, Pat’s Speed ​​Shop laid the groundwork for a masterful business that would cover the US and even the world. His clients have come from coast to coast, the Middle East, the Caribbean and other places over the years.

Musi Racing Engines has earned its place among the best in doorslamer racing. In the 1990s it won the NMCA Pro Street Series and in 2014 the Extreme Outlaw Pro Mod Series, PDRA Pro Nitrous and NHRA Pro Modified.

Lizzy Musi has done many great things and is proud to carry on the family name. One of which is the 2014 PDRA Rookie of the Year award for her work at Pro Nitrous, where she became the first person to break 200 mph in a 1/8 mile door knocker race. Lizzy is the President of Musi Enterprises in Mooresville, and in addition to her track record, she oversees the day-to-day operations of the company.

During his career, Musi has won many titles including the Pro Street World Championship. He also has many records. He will now go on to try to win a Pro Nitrous World Championship in Lizzy Musi’s “King Kong 7” Dodge Dart sponsored by Edelbrock.

Pat Musi has just been hired by Edelbrock Corporation as a product development consultant. He is an expert in engine products such as nitrous systems, racing cylinder heads and high horsepower EFI devices. He knows a lot about products for racing.

Edelbrock has crafted several new things using his mechanical abilities. Most recently, he shared on social media a review he and Edelbrock Cylinder Heads Product Manager Matt Gamble did on a new set of Edelbrock DR-23 cylinder heads when they arrived at Musi Racing Engines.

How much money does Lizzy Musi have?

Lizzy Musi is worth a total of $1 million.

Does Kye Kelley have children with Lizzy Musi?

Kye Kelley and Lizzy Musi have no children.

Does Lizzy Musi have a husband?

Kye Kelley and Lizzy Musi are not married.

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