Jenna Ortega addresses wardrobe malfunction on the movie premiere

Jenna Ortega brushed off her recent wardrobe malfunction at the global premiere of the new movie Scream VI.

Here is everything you need to know.

Jenna Ortega breaks her silence on Scream VI’s red-carpet wardrobe malfunction

Jenna Ortega hit the red carpet of the Scream VI movie on Monday in a Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture outfit. 

In addition, she wore a black-and-white tuxedo-style Balmain dress. However, fans were quick to note that the white top part of the dress was stained with a noticeable blue ink.

Meanwhile, the 20-year-old actress took to Instagram to post a couple of pictures while brushing off the wardrobe malfunction.

Meanwhile, Ortega used the hashtags ‘#sharpiestainwhogivesas**t.’ She then went on to tag designer Olivier Rousteing and apologized to him for getting the sharpie mark. Subsequently, she wrote, ‘#imsosorryolivier.’

Besides that, while it is unclear from where Ortega obtained the mark, many are assuming that it most likely took place when she was signing autographs for fans earlier in the evening. 

Fans react to Jenna Ortega’s mishap on the red carpet

Fans were as unbothered about the errant ink as Jenna Ortega herself. Moreover, they took to the comment section of her post to give their take on the mishap.

A user wrote, ‘That damn pen.’

Another fan chimed in, ‘Sharpie stain is a moment fr.’

Someone else added, ‘the stain is actually a blue Verified checkmark.’

Meanwhile, the Scream franchise’s official Instagram handle also decided to get in on the action. They jokingly suggested that the stain was blood.

The comment read, ‘How well does the red carpet hide blood stains?’

Jenna Ortega reveals how Wednesday’s character affected her fashion style

Jenna Ortega recently sat down for an interview with New York Magazine’s The Cut which was published on 1st March. 

Additionally, she opened up about how her fashion choice is heavily impacted by her popular character, Wednesday. 

She said, ‘When I was working on Wednesday, I suddenly only ever wore black. I didn’t know why. For some reason, my closet just lost all its color.’

Ortega talked about something similar sentiment during an interview with InStyle on 8th March.

She explained, ‘I do think that Wednesday changed my taste a lot. I have a hard time getting her off of me, at least clothing-wise.’

The Wednesday star added, ‘[Wearing gothic clothing is] also something that I’ve always wanted to do. I just never felt like I could. I feel like there were always a lot of voices and opinions that I used to place too much value in.’



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