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How many mass shootings have happened in Louisiana this year?

Shreveport leaders have been working to find solutions to our growing violent crime problem. In the first three months of 2023, several people were killed in outbreaks of violence. But there have also been some mass shootings in Shreveport that have rocked our community. But Shreveport is not alone in these tragic episodes. Many communities in Louisiana have witnessed mass shootings since the New Year.

The Gun Violence Archive tracks these incidents across the country. But the group also tracks all incidents of dead or injured people using guns. Here’s a look at that history over the past 7 years.

Archive gun violence

Archive gun violence

There have been 110 mass shootings in the United States so far this year. Last year there were 647 mass shootings nationwide.

Archives of Gun Violence

Archives of Gun Violence

The report also shows 10 mass killings in the nation that year. Louisiana had 8 of these mass shootings. 2 of these incidents occurred in Shreveport. Local police are still investigating the mass shooting, which left 11 people injured and one woman dead. A 3-year-old child suffered life-threatening injuries. It is heartbreaking to hear these stories of youth or church attendees falling victim to these senseless acts of violence.


Shreveport Police Department is asking anyone with information to contact Caddo Shreveport Crimestoppers at 318.673-7373 or to submit a tip online.

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