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He wore a New Orleans police uniform and was gripping Heat. The authorities speak of a scammer.

New Orleans police have arrested a civilian accused of wearing one of their own uniforms, patrolling the streets in a stolen Mercedes and threatening people at a school bus stop with a gun.

In documents filed with the Criminal District Court, police said a uniformed Devin Jordan, 21, drew a gun on March 1 and pointed it at four people in the 5900 Block of Babylon Street.

One of the victims, Rose Walker, said Thursday the man pulled up in a car and got out in a New Orleans police uniform, including the distinctive light blue shirt with police badges and navy blue pants with a yellow stripe down the legs. She said he announced that he was from the 3rd Precinct, even though Babylon Street is in the 7th Police Precinct, and pointed a gun in her face.

“I don’t know why he did that,” she said.

Call for help

Walker said she went to her home and called 911.

Police said they used CCTV footage to identify Jordan and link him to the car, a ballistically damaged black 2020 Mercedes-Benz that the Mobile, Alabama Police Department had reported stolen. The mobile police have an impound yard where they store impounded vehicles, but court records don’t explain how the New Orleans police linked Jordan to the Mercedes.

Investigators obtained a search warrant for Jordan’s home and said they found the car there. His mother answered the door and gave them the police uniform he had been wearing, although court records do not say how he got it.

Police arrested Jordan March 2 at the Orleans Justice Center for possession of a stolen car, four counts of assault with a gun, and false identity. His bond is priced at $107,500.

Jordan’s attorney did not respond to a request for comment.