George Santos reaches deal with Brazilian prosecutors

Admitted liar Rep. George Santos has reached a deal with Brazilian prosecutors that will allow him to avoid a trial and pay back a man whom he swindled out of $1,300, a report said Friday. 

Under the deal, Santos will formally admit to the crime and agree to repay his victim, a clerk who lives in the Rio de Janeiro area, according to documents reviewed by CNN. 

The non-prosecution agreement — which is allowed in certain non-violent cases in the country — notes the Long Island congressman is now gainfully employed and “re-socialized,” the report said.

Prosecutors agreed to the deal last week. 

Santos told police in 2010 that he used bad checks from a stolen checkbook to pay for the $1,300 in clothes. 

In an interview with The Post in January, Santos denied committing a crime in the South American country. 

George Santos reached a deal with prosecutors that would avoid a trial in Brazil.
Ron Sachs – CNP

“I am not a criminal here — not here or in Brazil or any jurisdiction in the world,” Santos said. “Absolutely not. That didn’t happen.”

Santos, a Republican who represents parts of Queens and Nassau County, garnered international headlines when he was exposed as a serial fabulist and fraud after his election to Congress. 

Santos lied about a host of events from his past, including what jobs he’s held, his religion and his time purportedly spent playing college volleyball. 

Santos is a fraud sign.
Santos is a serial fabulist who has made up stories about a range of events in his past, including his mother’s death.

The compulsive liar also claimed his mother developed cancer because she was near Ground Zero during the 9/11 terror attacks, but she was not in the country that day.