Counter-Strike 2 release period officially revealed

After months of suspense and tons of leaks, Valve has finally lifted the veil on the upcoming installment of their iconic FPS game franchise, Counter-Strike 2. Taking strides forward, they have also announced the commencement of the Limited Test for a selected batch of players starting today, March 22.

The official announcement sparked enthusiasm among the CS:GO community since the new game marks one of the largest leaks in the decades-old franchise and will be shipped with the Source 2 engine.

The most important part of every Counter-Strike match? Shooting and movement. We’re going beyond tick rates in Counter-Strike 2:

With the arrival of the new engine, the developers will bring in game changers such as responsive smoke, sub-tick updates, and map overhauls with better overall lighting to build on the success of the franchise.

Valve announces Counter-Strike 2 and Limited Test to begin for selected players

Valve took to their official handles to drop details about the release of Counter-Strike 2 and also revealed new features. They posted three videos, which have become major talking points in the game’s community, as these provide a sneak peek into what players can expect besides revealing the release period.

The developers have confirmed that Counter-Strike 2 will be shipped in the summer of 2023, but the exact release date is still under wraps. Before the release, players will certainly get a detailed glimpse during the testing phase.

Additionally, with the announcement of the Limited Test, players are eager to get their hands on the upcoming game. For this, users will essentially be selected based on several important criteria, including playtime on Valve’s official servers, trust factor, and more.

Players are selected for the Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test based on a number of factors deemed important by the Counter-Strike 2 development team, including (but not limited to) recent playtime on Valve official servers, trust factor, and Steam account standing.

Selected users will receive an option to enroll for the test within CS:GO itself. Initially, individuals will get to play the death match and unranked competitive on the iconic Dust 2 map. More game modes, maps, and features are expected to come with future Limited Tests.

Besides the revelation of the new features, Valve has also answered burning questions about the inventory by confirming that players can carry forward stickers, weapon finishes, and more to the new game, which has fans relieved.

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