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Colleen and Matt from Love Is Blind S3 still going strong living their domestic bliss

Netflix’s Love Is Blind season 4 is about to premiere so fans are casting their minds back to last season as they wonder which couples are still together in 2023. Are Colleen and Matt still together from Love Is Blind season 3?

Things didn’t work out well for Colleen with Cole Barnett, or with Brennon Lemieux. However, when she fell for Matt it was as though the stars had aligned – minus that awkward conversation with Cole in the pool, which landed Colleen in hot water.

Fans were divided as to whether the two would last but here’s what happened with Matt and Colleen on Love Is Blind, including whether or not they’re still together in 2023…

Matt and Colleen Love Is Blind on holiday smiling hand in hand
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Are Colleen and Matt still together after Love Is Blind season 3?

Colleen Reed and Matt Bolton are still together, and have confirmed they are still going strong in the Love Is Blind Season 3 After the Altar special which aired in February 2023.

Around that time, Colleen shared a snap promoting the special on her Instagram Story with the caption: “If there’s one thing you need to know about The Boltons, it’s that we’re going to SHOW UP.”

Colleen and Matt also confirmed they were still married in the Love Is Blind season 3 reunion. While they weren’t living together at the time they did say they had plans to move in together.

They revealed that “logistics” and “money” got in their way of moving in together straight away. Colleen called it a “complicated situation” but added she “can’t wait” to move in with Matt. After all, it doesn’t appear they are in any rush; as they’re “going to spend the rest of their lives” with each other anyway.

Colleen and Matt have a dog together which somewhat proves the commitment is there.

Colleen and Matt rushed to the altar

It was definitely love at first sight as they were the second couple to say “I do.” While the duo had a couple of rocky patches at the start of their romance they made it out to the other end.

Colleen and Matt married on July 2, 2021, in the Love Is Blind season 3 finale. They wed just three days after fellow contestants Alexa and Brennon. Matt who fans have dubbed a dark horse professed his love for Colleen at the altar. He praised her for breaking him “out of his shell” and allowing him to be “vulnerable.”

However, after getting married Colleen and Matt revealed that it “started off rough.” Mainly because they were getting used to merging their schedules but now they are thriving, and are “as good as we’ve ever been.”

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Fans worried Colleen and Matt had called it quits

Before the Love Is Blind season 3 finale aired, fans thought Colleen and Matt called it quits as they didn’t follow each other on Instagram and hadn’t liked each other’s recent posts.

This, mixed with some of their tension in Love Is Blind season 3, caused fans to think they had split up. Many people thought that Colleen’s apology for the conversation she had with co-star Cole Barnett just wasn’t enough for Matt to trust her again.

In the conversation with Cole, he told her that she was more his type than his fiance, Zanab Jaffrey. Colleen also told Cole that he was a “cute guy.” However, Matt revealed that his “trust factor” for Colleen’s increased after she decided to tell him about the conversation. Colleen has since apologized to Matt and Zanab for that conversation.

Hope came when one TikTok user confirmed the couple hadn’t called it quits – in fact, they had spotted Matt and Colleen leave Target together and posted the clip on social media. In the TikTok, they wrote: “Think it’s safe to say Colleen and Matt got married.”

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