“You must be a little mad in Nigeria, if not, they will cheat you, ride you and think it’s okay” – Enioluwa rants angrily


Adeouluwa Enioluwa, a prominent Nigerian influencer, content creator, and mentor, is agitated and has vented his anger on his official Twitter profile.

He explained that he dislikes the notion that one must have a touch of madness to survive in Nigeria; else, you risk being cheated.

Taking to his Twitter page, he said that even though he dislikes it, he must use the same method.

Enioluwa wrote:

“I hate that in Nigeria, you must have slight madness like you don’t have a choice; you must be a little mad. If not, they will cheat you, ride you and think it’s okay. dont worry, e je ka ma se were lo.”

Reacting to the post..

@julliecassie: “When I was talking about it on my page, I bet yall thought I was joking yea?”

@iniabasi441: “Abeg which business person fit start infront of a police station.”

@maryjane_bless: “What is your gender first. Make we start from there.”

@AkposJim: “Talk watin u wan talk no beat around the bush.”

@jaylodolls: “This one wey no know him real gender. Abeg gerraout toyin is a bully period.”

@buhareey: “U are right but don’t be gay.”

@lammie_artt: “This post is 50-50. You can’t find the side he’s on.”

In other news, Toyin Abraham, a popular actor, has taken a strong position against cyberbullying, promising to fight till the end, even if it means sacrificing her own life.

During an Instagram live session, she declared her intention to bring her trolls to justice, saying, “I’m ready to d!e, and my bullies will d!e with me.”

This comes after she received harsh criticism on social media for supporting President Tinubu in the elections.

Despite the criticism, Toyin maintains steadfast, claiming that she has committed no crime and that those responsible for the bullying will face consequences.

As the crisis progresses, it is evident that Toyin Abraham is determined to take a position against cyberbullying no matter the cost