Whitney Purvis, of '16 And Pregnant,' Went Through Tough Times After The Show Ended


  • Whitney Purvis faced legal troubles after
    16 & Pregnant
    , including arrest for terrorist threats and failing to pay child support.
  • Whitney lost custody of her children and struggled with her ex’s new relationship and toxic relationship dynamics.
  • Whitney’s history of legal troubles includes theft, disputes with her ex, and her mother’s arrest for drug possession.

Since 16 & Pregnant and its spin-off, Teen Mom, became hits, the shows have had an extremely devoted fan base. After all, the franchise’s fans care about Amber Portwood’s relationship history, including why her former fiancé disappeared and the end of their engagement.

Similarly, some fans of the franchise care about Whitney Purvis, even though 16 & Pregnant ended in 2021. With that in mind, many 16 & Pregnant fans would likely be upset to learn how Whitney’s life has negatively changed since the show ended.

Between 2009 and 2014 and then again in 2020, MTV introduced their viewers to a slew of teens who were expecting. Throughout 16 & Pregnant’s six seasons, many young people who were going through a huge change in their lives were filmed and shown to the world.

In an ideal world, every person who starred in an episode of 16 & Pregnant would have gone on to find happiness. In reality, however, the sad fact is that many people who appeared on 16 & Pregnant went on to have some tough times.

In fact, since 16 & Pregnant was canceled in 2020, several of the people featured on the show have struggled. Unfortunately, one example of former 16 & Pregnant stars who have struggled is Whitney, since she has gotten into serious trouble.

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In July, Whitney’s life took an extremely negative turn that she can hopefully recover from. According to a report from the U.S. Sun, Whitney was taken into custody and sentenced to serve time behind bars.

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According to the U.S. Sun, Whitney was ordered to spend two days in prison in early July 2024. In the article, they reported on what led to Whitney’s arrest and her being ordered to spend time in prison, according to court documents.


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According to the U.S. Sun‘s reporting, in 2022, Whitney lost custody of her two children. Whitney’s ex-boyfriend, Weston Gosa, gained custody of the two children he and Whitney shared. Since then, Whitney has only had weekend visitation rights.

Since Weston has primary custody of their children, Whitney was ordered to pay $353 monthly in child support. However, Whitney failed to pay the child support she owed and that is what led to her arrest and being ordered to spend two days in prison.

The court also ordered Whitney to pay $373 per month after she was released. That amount could be broken down into the already-ordered $353 she owed monthly and an additional $20 to make up for her missed payments. Presumably, Whitney’s payments will decrease once the $20 payments add up to be enough to pay off the amount she owed.

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Unfortunately for Whitney, 2024 wasn’t the first time she got into serious trouble since 16 & Pregnant ended.

In January 2022, the U.S. Sun published an article looking at how toxic Whitney and Weston’s relationship had become. After gaining access to other legal documents, the outlet reported that Purvis was arrested in 2021 for allegedly making “terrorist threats”.

According to the outlet, Weston was also granted a temporary protective order against Whitney for himself and their children. That order was granted after an alleged series of events that sounded very alarming.


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According to Weston, he discovered that Whitney was transporting one of their children without a car seat. Court documents stated that Weston claimed that he offered to buy Whitney a car seat to use before the exes began arguing. From there, things allegedly got out of control.

According to the U.S. Sun, Weston is married to another woman. Whitney allegedly showed up at the location where Weston’s wife worked and caused a scene. Since Whitney allegedly was “being belligerent”, she was “asked to leave by a manager”.

Whitney then allegedly went to Weston’s home where she threatened to take his life. Whitney also allegedly threatened to make Weston a “widow”, with the implication seemingly being that she was threatening the life of his wife.

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The U.S. Sun‘s report also revealed some other things Whitney allegedly did that led to her arrest for making “terrorist threats”.

According to the outlet, the court documents claimed that Whitney sent many threatening texts to Weston. The most notable alleged texts from Whitney included specific threats to Weston’s life.

After the arrest, Whitney was released at the time on a $5,000 bond.

Based on Whitney Purvis’s arrests since 16 & Pregnant ended, it seemed like her legal troubles focused on her relationship with her ex. However, looking at what TMZ has reported about Whitney’s long history of legal troubles, there are more to her struggles than that.


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The first of Whitney’s arrests that TMZ reported on came back in 2012. According to the outlet, Whitney was arrested at that time for stealing a pregnancy test from Walmart and using it in the store.

In 2011, one of Whitney Purvis’ relatives got into serious legal trouble. According to TMZ, Whitney’s mom was arrested for possession of illegal substances. In the aftermath of that event, Whitney revealed how she felt about her mom’s arrest while speaking to TMZ. “What my mom does, does not affect me.”

Later that same year, Whitney and the father of her children were both arrested according to TMZ. The outlet reported that Whitney and Weston were accused of smashing a person’s cell phone and laptop.

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Later in 2015, Whitney got arrested again, according to TMZ. At that time, Whitney got arrested as a result of a dispute with Weston. According to TMZ, Whitney threw a wheel through a window of Weston’s residence.

After gaining access to the residence, Whitney allegedly struck Weston on the side and leg with a metal broom handle. As a result, Whitney was arrested for aggravated assault and misdemeanor trespassing, according to TMZ.