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Wayment! Gunna Had A Surprising Reaction After A Fan Jumped On Stage During His Performance In Poland (Video)

Gunna seemingly got the surprise of a lifetime after a fan jumped on stage during one of his recent performances. Furthermore, the rapper’s reaction was even more surprising.

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Gunna Reacts After Fan Pop Out On Stage During His Performance

Last week, a TikTok user with the handle @edgarjestem took to the platform to share various clips from their time at the Open’er Festival in Poland. However, one clip in particular has since garnered over 2.7 million views as of Wednesday, July 10.

The clip features a snippet of Gunna’s performance of his hit song, ‘fukumean.’

In the video, Gunna is seen standing at the front of the stage before turning around and running to the back. While his back is turned, a fan wearing a black hoodie and jeans hops on stage. The man then runs over to Gunna while extending his arm, seemingly hoping for a pound from the rapper.

Expeditiously, numerous security guards run on stage and seemingly tackle the man to the ground. As the clip plays and security walks the fan off stage, Gunna intervenes and tells the fan to “come back.”

“Come back, come back, come back,” Gunna tells the fan who reappears. “You gotta do it the right way, you gotta do it the right way.”

Watch what happened next when the music resumed.

Social Media Weighs In

Social media users reacted to the viral moment in The Shade Room’s comment section.

Instagram user @iam_mfai wrote, I love thisssss….. he let that man have his moment & feel on top of the world!!!! This made me smile cuz you can see the happiness in his face”

While Instagram user @christophe_kyle added, Salute to Gunna for being a good sport. DaBaby woulda whooped ole boy’s a**! ????”

Instagram user @hakimesley wrote, Bro hopped up on the stage and did not know not one bar of that song ????”

While Instagram user @coopdajuice added, “Gunna was about to runna ????”

Instagram user @blue wrote, Sets a bad precedent… more people are going to think they can get a moment with their favorite artists by doing this.”

While Instagram user @thesuitbrother added, I just don’t understand what these people be thinking.. ‘I wanna give him some dap!!! I gotta give him some dap right now!!’ ***climbs on stage.. gets tackled***”

Instagram user @mrjerometrammel wrote,I understand him being nice to the fan, but this type of fan behavior only influences more people to react this way.. PS: Gunna got in the gym & did a 180! ????”

While Instagram user @sheesh.its.nish81 added, I like how Gunna handled it ????”

Instagram user @goldnsugar wrote, Not gonna lie I loved this”

One Of Gunna’s Recent Performances Also Sparked Another Surprising Moment

The fan’s pop-out in Poland is not the only moment that’s gone viral from one of the rapper’s recent performances. In June, Young Thug’s father, Jeffrey Williams Sr., popped out in the front row at the State Farm Arena to show support for Gunna, per The Shade Room.

As The Shade Room previously reported, the moment appeared to quell rumors that Thug and Gunna had become distanced in their relationship. In December 2022, Gunna was severed from the YSL RICO case involving Thug and released from prison after pleading guilty to racketeering charges, per The Shade Room.

Gunna’s severance led some rappers, such as Lil Durk, to distance themselves from the rapper and speak publicly on their belief that he “snitched” on Thug, per The Shade Room.

“That man told,” Durk said while appearing on an episode of the ‘Off The Record’ podcast in May 2023. “You should’ve went in there and kept your mouth closed… But if you a rat, you a rat. And if you rewind this clip a little bit, I looked into the camera and told you, ‘If you a rat, I f*****g hate you.’ But I love Thug.”

According to TMZ, in December of that year, Lil Baby also appeared to take shots at Gunna with the release of his song, ‘305.’ On the song, Lil Baby rapped about knowing someone was a “rat.”

The ordeal ultimately led to Williams Sr. speaking out to defend Gunna, who previously denied the snitching allegations.

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