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WATCH: Lewis Hamilton “can’t stop crying” after scoring record breaking win at Silverstone, 945 days since last F1 win

Lewis Hamilton won the 2024 British GP, breaking a long losing streak of 945 days. The seven-time world champion set a new record for the most wins at a single circuit, surpassing Michael Schumacher. Hamilton was in tears as he celebrated his long-awaited victory.

Lewis Hamilton was very emotional after he won the race. He expressed he couldn’t stop crying, highlighting the hard work he’s been putting in since 2021. The Briton explained in a speech about his struggles how everyday he had to wake up and push himself to train and stay determined. The seven-time world champion mentioned winning again, that too his home grand prix made all the hard work and effort feel worth it. That’s why he couldn’t stop crying.

I can’t stop crying. Since 2021, every day getting up trying to fight, to train, to put my mind to the task.

Lewis Hamilton explained

Hamilton explained with deep emotion after the race that it was his last time competing at the British GP with Mercedes. He shared how much he had wanted to win this race for them because of his strong love and appreciation for the team. The Briton emphasized his gratitude, saying he was forever thankful to everyone at Mercedes for their support and hard work. Winning at his home grand prix made all his efforts worthwhile, and he felt there was no greater feeling than finishing at the front in such a significant race.

This is my last race here at the British Grand Prix with this team so, I wanted to win this so much for them because I love them. I appreciate them so much. I’m forever grateful to everyone at Mercedes. There’s no greater feeling than to finish at the front here.

Lewis Hamilton added

Lewis Hamilton claims his ‘heart was racing’ after winning in Silverstone

Lewis Hamilton after the race described how surreal he felt when he crossed the final lap and saw the checkered flag. He mentioned his heart was racing and reflected in many amazing moments he had in the past. When Hamilton crossed the finish line, he had a moment where all those memories came rushing back, which made the 39-year-old cry. Hamilton mentioned seeing other drivers, like Rubens Barrichello, cry after significant races. He admitted that he had gone through many emotions from 2021 until now.

It is surreal. My heart is racing. Had so many amazing moments in the past. When I crossed the line, I had this moment when everything came by and I cried. You see other drivers cry like Rubens Barrichello, but had so many emotions after 2021 to now.

Lewis Hamilton stated

Lewis Hamilton Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton (Via IMAGO)

Further, the seven-time-world champion expressed gratitude to fans from all over the world, especially those in UK. Lewis Hamilton also mentioned about his father’s big role in his career by giving him his first helmet when he was in Stevenage. The Briton also highlighted that fans support has always lifted him up from the difficult times.

I definitely know for sure that I couldn't do what I do without the fans around the world, and here in UK. My father gave me my first helmet growing up in Stevenage, and the fans lifting me up.

Lewis Hamilton added

Certainly, After winning the race at Silverstone, Lewis Hamilton felt extremely happy. He came up with many emotions and cried a lot because he couldn’t believe that the hard work he had been putting in since 2021 had finally paid off. Fans were very pleased to see their hero back in action on the podium, beating young talents like Max Verstappen and Lando Norris.

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