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WATCH: Keke Palmer Speaks On The Current “Cool” Aesthetic & Advocates For Authenticity

Keke Palmer came through with an important message for her Instagram followers.

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Keke Palmer Speaks On “Cool” Aesthetic

On Tuesday, Keke Palmer dropped an Instagram video discussing the importance of letting people be themselves without imposing an “edgy, cool” narrative. She added that it’s okay to be goofy and cringe.

“…Sometimes people are goofy, just cringe, and that’s their brand. And a lot of people love that. I love a little cringe vibe. Everybody’s not trying to be chilled out, vibed out. I don’t even like all that. It makes me stressed and makes my a** itch…” Keke said.

The Emmy Award-winning actress continued to emphasize the importance of accepting people as they are and embracing their unique vibe.

“It’s getting to the point where everybody wants everybody to be so like smizing all the time. And it’s too much! I just think people gotta let people be them. And accept them in the genre of cool vibed out that they’re giving,” Keke explained.

The actress explained that everyone is “cool” in their own way.

“Everybody ‘cool’ in they own way! The only thing not ‘cool’ to me is being mean or not being yourself. Everything else gives individual and you don’t wanna miss out on your people trying to fit in. Stand OUT Pookie butt. Let your cringe flag flyyyyyyy,” Keke captioned the post

Social Media Reacts To Actress

The Roomies quickly agreed with Keke’s statements in The Shade Room comment section and gave her props for always be herself under any circumstance.

Instagram user @itsmelaninmafiaa wrote, I mean she not wrong. Society: JUST BE YOURSELF. SOCIETY : ???? NO, NOT LIKE THAT” 

Instagram user @cookie.lyon723 wrote, It’s like she’s always in character and it’s “Angela Bassett”????” 

While Instagram user @dabrattttttttttttttt wrote, She Telling The Truth But This Generation Dont Know How To Be Themselves All They Know How To Do Is Be A Follower Instead Of An Leader.” 

Then Instagram user @_jsr__ wrote, If her message rubs you the wrong way then baby you need to do some deep soul searching ????‍????” 

Another Instagram user @kaylapostedthatt wrote, People talk about the importance of authenticity until someone actually is, then they are made fun of and humiliated for it.” 

Instagram user @thejhaswilliams wrote, They could never make me hate her I’m so serious.” 

Finally, Instagram user @darealpatrice wrote, “If everyone were to just be themselves, I promise you this world would be much more interesting..” 

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