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WATCH: ex-UFC star Darren Till’s return to boxing gets HEATED as face-off turns fiery

Darren Till‘s comeback is already packing a punch before he’s even stepped in the ring. The former UFC star faced off against opponent Moh Mutie ahead of their boxing cruiserweight clash at Social Knockout 3 this weekend. What was meant to be a routine weigh-in quickly turned into a heated exchange.

Darren Till tipped the scales at199.5 pounds. Mutie came in slightly heavier at 200.2 pounds. But the real fireworks came during their face-to-face staredown. The two fighters went nose-to-nose, neither willing to back down. Tension crackled in the air like static electricity.

Suddenly, Mutie erupted in a flurry of trash talk and wild gestures. He talked about Till’s knockout losses in the UFC, especially the one by Jorge Masvidal. He then went on to scream in his face as they were separated. Till, for his part, remained relatively calm. These fighters seem more than ready to let their fists do the talking.

For Till, this bout marks a new chapter in his combat sports journey. The Liverpool native parted ways with the UFC after a string of losses. He was 1-5 in his last six bouts. His final bout in the UFC was against the now middleweight champion, Dricus Du Plessis. Now, he’s looking to reinvent himself at Social Knockout 3. His future is still full of possibilities, with one BKFC champion recently calling him out.

Mike Perry calls out “fat fu****g bi**h” Darren Till

Mike Perry‘s fists aren’t the only things throwing haymakers these days. His mouth is landing some knockout blows, too. Perry was fresh off his victory at BKFC KnuckleMania 4 against Thigo Alves. He wasted no time calling out Darren Till. The bare-knuckle boxer didn’t mince words in his post-fight interview.

Mike Perry calls out Darren TillMike Perry calls out Darren Till
Mike Perry calls out Darren Till (via MMA Fighting/ Sports Illustrated)

Perry wasn’t interested in a friendly cup of tea with Till. He called out former UFC fighter Darren Till to accept the fight against him. He gave Till an ultimatum to fight him in the United States, or he would travel to the UK to fight him.

Darren Till, you fat fu****g bi**h. Get your ass over here (to the USA) or I will come to the UK.

Mike Perry after his bout at KnuckleMania 4

Perry knocked out Thiago Alves in just 60 seconds. The swift victory left Perry with plenty of energy for his post-fight theatrics. He proudly declared himself the “undisputed king of bare hands.” Till, a former UFC fighter himself, might be tempted by Perry’s challenge. He may consider this opportunity after his upcoming Social Knockout 3 bout has ended.

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