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Twitch Streamer Ray Moves Out After Being Kicked from Kai Cenat’s House for Disrespect

Twitch Streamer Ray Moves Out of Kai Cenat’s House Amidst Allegations of Disrespect

Taiwanese Twitch streamer Ray, also known as rayasianboy, recently revealed that he has moved out of the AMP house, where he had been living with fellow content creators like Kai Cenat and Fanum. The announcement came after an alleged fallout with Cenat, which culminated in Ray being kicked out of the house. Ray has since relocated to FaZe Kaysan’s residence.

Ray had been staying at the AMP house in Atlanta for several months following his move to the United States. The tension between Ray and Kai Cenat apparently boiled over during a livestream water fight, where Cenat accused Ray of disrespecting him. This incident seems to have been the tipping point in their strained relationship.

In a viral clip, Ray explained his current situation: “I got kicked out of the AMP house, bro. They kicked me out of the AMP house, so right now I am literally living here (FaZe Kaysan’s house) because I got kicked out.”

The altercation that led to Ray’s expulsion involved a series of events on a recent livestream. During one of Kai Cenat’s streams, Ray and Cenat engaged in a water-drenching match, during which Cenat repeatedly asked Ray to leave the room so he could continue streaming uninterrupted. Ray ignored these requests and even disconnected Cenat from the broadcast, further escalating the situation.

Kai Cenat expressed his frustration during the stream, stating: “Bro, this na has no respect no more. Bro, he has no more respect. Chat, he got no respect no more, bro! This na is no longer Ray. I’m not mean, he dead a** changed, bro! Where did he get the balls to do all this s**t? Where?! When?”

Ray’s departure from the AMP house followed within a few days of this incident. Kai Cenat has not yet made any public comments about the situation.

The relationship between Ray and Cenat has been under scrutiny before. Their friendship began during an IRL stream in Japan, where their chemistry quickly gained popularity among viewers. Ray’s move to the United States and subsequent residence in the AMP house was influenced by their close bond. Ray started streaming on Twitch under the handle rayasianboy, collaborating frequently with AMP members and other streamers.

Despite the initial camaraderie, their relationship has seen a series of ups and downs. In a recent incident, Cenat gifted Ray a pair of Louis Vuitton x Vans sneakers worth $300. Ray, however, seemed unimpressed and questioned the branding on the shoes, to which Kai Cenat responded: “Damn, you don’t like? Damn, bro, I spent $300 on that. It’s Louis Vuitton x Vans. You don’t like it? (Ray asks, ‘Where’s the Louis Vuitton?’) No, it doesn’t show, na. It’s in the… it’s this right here. N a, it’s beads is where the Louis Vuitton monogram is, bro. You don’t like them for real?”

Following this exchange, Ray attempted to prank Cenat with a fire extinguisher. Kai Cenat, clearly agitated, warned: “On my life, if you spray that, I’m beating your a. I told you, that st stinks! Ray, word to my mother, if you spray that… Ray, word to my mother – if you spray that on me, on my life I’m going to fry you.”

The prank and subsequent comments further highlighted the growing tension, with Cenat lamenting that Ray had “changed” and no longer respected him.

With Ray now living at FaZe Kaysan’s house, it remains to be seen how this rift will affect their future collaborations and friendships. As both streamers have significant followings, the community eagerly awaits any further developments or statements from either party.


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