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TV star's relationships turn sour as he calls himself 'rude' and 'abrasive'

Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles star Josh Flagg is taking some relationship breakdowns in his stride this season. The realtor went through a “messy divorce” from Bobby Boyd and later moved on with boyfriend Andrew Beyer. But, they’re now “taking a break.” He’s also dealing with a friendship that’s falling apart in season 15.

Bravo stars are often known for their larger-than-life personalities. Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles is all about selling properties, but Josh Flagg is no ordinary realtor. He describes himself in season 15 as being “egotistical, condescending, somewhat rude, and abrasive.”

Josh Flagg drives car looking across camera on Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles
Credit: Screenshot via Bravo TV player/Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles

Josh and Andrew are ‘taking a break’

As fans get up to speed with the MDLLA realtors after a two-year hiatus, Josh says he and Andrew Beyer are no longer in a relationship.

Josh explains how last year he went through a “very nasty divorce.”

He adds: “Andrew and I definitely did take it very, very fast, at the moment we are taking some time apart.”

Speaking exclusively to Bravo’s Daily Dish this April, Josh added that his “love life changes every day.”

Taking to a Reddit thread, fans weighed in on the relationship, commenting: “I’m not surprised Flagg and Andrew are on a break.”

Josh Flagg ‘sticks to what he knows’ on MDLLA

During MDLLA’s opening scenes this July, Tracy Tutor says the “market sucks.”

Giving an update on how he’s dealing with the market changes, Josh says he’s “doing a lot better than he would’ve expected,” adding that he’s “sticking to what he knows in real estate.”

The Bravo star says he’s focusing on himself, and his loyal following of real estate buyers.

However, his work life doesn’t come without its drama, too, as he and Josh Altman hit a rocky patch in their friendship.

The two previously worked together on spin-off show, Josh & Josh, but now they’re not on the best terms.

Per Bravo’s Daily Dish, the two fell out over a $15 million dollar listing.

In a June 27 interview, Josh Altman said where the two stand today: “We’re definitely not in the place that we used to be.”

Fans aren’t happy about their rift, as one writes on Reddit: “I want Flagg & Altman to be besties again! They were such a fun duo.”


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