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TV star 'always dealt with brother's stalkers' and fans can't help but feel 'sad' for him

Love Island USA’s Casa Amor episodes can always be relied upon to shake things up in the villa. The arrival of Daia McGhee certainly got viewers talking as she and Kordell Beckham formed a connection. Despite Kordell hanging onto his original partner’s keepsake, his kiss with Daia wreaked havoc back in the main villa.

The Love Island USA villa dynamics were shaken to their core because of Casa Amor. While Kordell and Serena have been heavily ‘shipped’ by fans at home, their relationship hit the rocks when he met Daia in Casa. Their kiss is old news, however, and fans are more focused on a tweet the newbie is said to have posted about Kordell’s famous brother, Odell Beckham Jr.

Love Island USA fans can’t believe tweet

As Kordell navigates a love triangle on Love Island USA this summer, fans are in shock over a tweet that was shown on the series.

Although Daia showed an interest in Kordell, fans began thinking it may not be for the right reasons as an old tweet from her reads that she was “in OBJ’s comments.”

OBJ being Kordell’s famous brother, fans were surprised to find out she may have had an ulterior motive in getting to know the Love Island star.

Fans feel ‘sad’ for Kordell

After Daia’s tweet came to light, Kordell addressed the fact that he’s been around people who are more interested in his brother in the past.

A Love Island USA fan tweeted: “Kordell saying he’s dealt with the OBJ stalkers all his life made me sad for him. Trust in Serena Kordell, she’s a real one.”

Others are team Serena and Kordell, but some think he’s more suited to Daia.

More fans of the show took to X (Twitter) to applaud production for their work using the tweet on the show, writing: “THE TWEET ABOUT DAIA IN OBJ’S COMMENTS… LOVE ISLAND USA PRODUCTION THE CROWN YOU HOLD.”

Another said: “That tweet nailed it, can’t believe Daia is all over OBJ’s comments and likes. Pure gold!”

It seems Kordell’s brother is highly sought after as he says he’s “dealt with OBJ stalkers” all his life. Odell Beckham Jr recently dated Kim Kardashian but the two called it quits back in the spring.

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