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TV show's 'best deckhand' may have 'gone under radar' but he's still catching fish

Mac White may no longer appear on Deadliest Catch, but the former cast member is still working on fishing boats. Many hail him as one of the “best deckhands” in the history of the series.

He worked as a deckhand for The Saga and Lady Alaska on Deadliest Catch. Two years on, veteran deckhand Mac White has joined a new boat and stuck around on the series for nearly 11 years.

Mac White ‘goes under the radar’

Mac White hasn’t been heavily featured on Deadliest Catch in recent seasons, but he’s well-missed. During an AMA on Reddit, his co-star James Gallagher said he and Mac would have competitions.

“They have to make a one hour episode out of like 8 boats and 10K hours of footage,” the engineer explained. “Mac and I always would try to see who could say the weirdest stuff and have it air.”

Described as “The GOAT,” Mac is one of the show’s favorite deckhands. A Reddit discussion has been launched simply to share his hilarious quotes, as well as his hard-working talents.

One fan wrote, “I have to say Mac White is the best deckhand. Never complains, always gets the job done, and never has drama. Maybe others can help me show the love for this man.”

Another penned, “One of my favorite Mac White quotes is…. ” I’m gunna spend my money foolishly,” while a fellow viewer said, “I’ve always liked Mac. I think he and Lenny are similar in that they work hard.”

He’s now working on new boat

Mac is now working under Captain Bob on The Victory. When the boat pulled up next to Captain Rick Shelford’s boat, he wrote, “Mac White was a beast pulling the bow line in.”

He penned, “The Victory was dragging their anchor because it was too windy. So they tied up next to us to wait out the storm.” Until then, many were unsure of where Mac was currently working.


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