“They played you and married someone else” – Blessing CEO expresses sympathy towards Sophia Momodu, uses her as case study for women

Davido may have given up on his child custody battle with Sophia Momodu, but the internet never forgets.

Self-acclaimed relationship expert Blessing CEO recently made a video, which was directed at Sophia Momodu.

Blessing CEO started out by saying that Davido and Sophia Momodu have been trending on different blogs for that past few weeks because of their child custody battle, and almost everyone has given their input about it.

She went on to say that a lot of women resonate with Sophia Momodu’s child custody battle with Davido, including herself.

However, she was going to use Sophia Momodu as a case study for women, and how to deal with men in general.

Blessing CEO said that Davido and Sophia Momodu weren’t dating, and that he was only sleeping with her.

She went on to say that there’s a difference between sleeping with someone and dating them. Sneaking in a quick shade at Sophia Momodu, Blessing CEO said that Davido played her, slept with her, and married someone else.

Going forward, Blessing CEO advised women, stating that it is best to define whatever relationship you have with any man, even if it will make you look desperate.

She also mused about women who said they’re shy to have difficult conversations with their partners, when they are still the ones that will comfortably sleep with them.

Blessing CEO also mentioned that it doesn’t take a man more than six months to figure out if he wants to marry a woman.

She said that some men with waste years of your life, only to go on and marry someone else within a short period of time.

Circling back to Sophia Momodu, Blessing CEO said that it would be best if she found something doing, so she’ll be able to take care of her daughter until she’s ready to find her father.