The killing of Hammed Fabiyi at TASUED 

On Wednesday, in a shocking and tragic incident, a final-year student of Tai Solarin University of Education, TASUED, Ijagun, Ijebu-Ode, Ogun state, was brutally murdered by suspected cultists on campus. 

Hammed Fabiyi, a 400 level final year student of History and Diplomatic Studies, outside the institution’s examination hall, was brutalised and bludgeoned to death. This heinous act has sent shockwaves throughout the state, highlighting the urgent need for improved security on all Ogun state campuses.

The university management while confirming the incident in a statement, explained that Fabiyi was targeted by cultists who pretended to be celebrating his birthday with other colleagues. Despite prompt intervention by security personnel, the assailants escaped, leaving Fabiyi severely injured. He later succumbed to his injuries while being transported to the hospital.

This senseless killing has sparked outrage and calls for action. The Students’ Union has condemned the attack, decrying the state of security on campuses nationwide. The Ogun state police command has launched an investigation, raiding suspected cultist hideouts and vowing to apprehend those responsible.

At this time, conferring the Nigeria Excellence Awards in Public Service (NEAPS) Award for Security Delivery on Ogun state, despite the prevalent cult killings, kidnappings, and insecurity instances, no doubt, is a mockery of the honour’s intent. It raises questions about the criteria used to bestow the award, casting doubt on its credibility. The award’s merit is undermined, suggesting that it may have been political or purchased rather than earned, tarnishing the integrity of the recognition.

However, in a bid to protect other students and not revel in self denial of the realities, it is important to urge the Ogun state government to conduct a thorough probe into this incident, ensuring that justice is served and measures are taken to prevent such tragedies in future. The state government must prioritise campus security, providing adequate resources and support to protect students and staff.

In fact, to forestall such occurrences on campuses the government and various institutions must look into installing gates, metal detectors, fences and doors with electronic access control systems, including biometric scanners and smart cards. CCTV surveillance cameras must be installed in strategic locations including classrooms, corridors and parking areas, while trained security guards are hired to patrol the campus and respond to incidents. Panic buttons, sirens and public address systems as well as encourage anonymous reporting of suspicious activities or threats by students among other security measures must be embraced. 

The killing of Hammed Fabiyi is a stark reminder of the dangers posed by cultism and criminal activities in our educational institutions. 

Youths, especially students, should not engage in killings and cult activities which can lead to severe legal consequences, including imprisonment, which can ruin their future. Violence and cult activities can harm innocent people, including friends, family, and colleagues and can damage one’s reputation and that of families, making it hard to regain trust, when caught.

Engaging in violent activities puts perpetrators lives at risk, as well as the lives of those around them, it can distract from academic goals, leading to poor performance and missed opportunities, it can lead to expulsion, making it hard to continue education or find employment, the act is a waste of potentials, talents and skills, which could be used for positive impact.

By avoiding involvement in killings and cult activities, youths can protect their future, relationships, and personal growth, while contributing to a safer and more positive community.

We cannot afford to let our guard down. It is time for decisive action to safeguard our campuses and ensure a secure environment for learning.

We call on the government, university management, and security agencies to work together to conduct a comprehensive investigation into the killing of Hammed Fabiyi and ensure deterrence. Security measures must as a matter of urgency be enhanced on all Ogun campuses, including increased surveillance, patrols, and emergency response systems. Effective strategies must be implemented to combat cultism and criminal activities in educational institutions. Support and counseling services must be provided for students and staff affected by this tragedy. 

Let us unite to ensure that our campuses are safe havens for knowledge and growth, where students can pursue their dreams without fear of violence or harm. 

While my heartfelt condolences go to the family of Hammed Fabiyi, the bright and promising young life brutally cut short by senseless violence, I pray that the family will find the strength and courage to navigate this difficult time. May Hammed’s memory be a blessing to you all, and may he rest in peace.”

#Justice for Hammed Fabiyi!

Dayo DaSilva (arpa, amncs) is a growth manager, creative and collaborative product marketing

specialist with

dedicated years of experience. 

Email: [email protected]

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