The First Thing You Should Do Once You Wake Up From Sleep Is To Greet Your Husband, He Is Your God That You Are Seeing – Nigerian Lawyer Advises Women


A Nigerian lawyer, Stella Justice has advised wives to always greet their husbands when they wake up.

In a Facebook post, she asked wives to thank their husbands for food after eating.

According to her, the husband is the God that they are seeing.

“AS a WIFE, the FIRST THING you SHOULD do ONCE you WAKE UP from SLEEP is to GREET YOUR HUSBAND “GOOD MORNING HONEY OR SIR” WHEN you are DONE EATING FOOD and IF HE’S with YOU, You MUST THANK him for the FOOD. YOUR HUSBAND is your God that you SEEING. GOOD AFTERNOON,” SIR/MA’AM,” she wrote in a post on Wednesday.