Taylor Swift Disses Ex Joe Jonas As His Divorce From Sophie Turner Gets Messier


  • Taylor Swift subtly referenced Joe Jonas in her recent performance, alluding to their past relationship on July 9th.
  • Swift’s songs, like “Last Kiss,” reflect on her romance with Joe and portray him in a more positive light compared to other tracks.
  • Amid Joe’s divorce from Sophie Turner, Taylor took Sophie’s side, indicating lingering hard feelings from her past with Joe.

Joe Jonas continues to navigate his divorce from Sophie Turner, though his past relationship with Taylor Swift remains a source of fan speculation, especially after the pop star seemed to diss him in a recent performance.

During her Tuesday, July 9, Eras Tour show in Zurich, Taylor Swift, greeted her audience with, “Happy July 9th for those who celebrate,” before performing a mashup of “Last Kiss” from Speak Now and “Sad Beautiful Tragic” during the acoustic set.


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Taylor Referenced Her Break-Up With Joe

Swift’s choice to play “Last Kiss” on July 9 was anticipated by her devoted fans, as the date is mentioned in the song’s lyrics. “Last Kiss” is believed to recount Swift’s 2008 romance with Joe.

In the second verse, she sings, “I do recall now the smell of the rain, fresh on the pavement, I ran off the plane / That July 9th, the beat of your heart / It jumps through your shirt, I can still feel your arms.”

Their months-long relationship ended when Jonas infamously broke up with Swift over a 27-second phone call. This breakup became notable because Swift publicly discussed it, leading to widespread media attention.

The relationship and its end inspired several of Swift’s songs, including the more cutting “Better Than Revenge” and “Mr. Perfectly Fine,” as well as the more wistful “Last Kiss,” which reflects a sense of longing and goodwill. – and paints Joe in a better light compared to her other tracks rumored to be about him. Despite their short time together, their relationship remains a significant part of Swift’s early career narrative.

Taylor Took Sophie’s Side Amid Her Joe Divorce

Taylor’s subtle reference to Joe may have not been the harshest dig, but she’s made it clear there are still hard feelings, especially after she took Sophie’s side amid the divorce. Taylor was seen spending time with the Game of Thrones actress multiple times following Sophie’s split from Joe, even though they never appeared friendly before that.

Moreover, Taylor reportedly offered her New York apartment to Sophie to make co-parenting easier on the British native.

Joe and Sophie’s divorce first made headlines in September after months of rumored relationship turmoil. Joe was the one to file papers in Florida, but
Sophie quickly hit back with a lawsuit,
alleging that Joe was withholding their daughters’ passports and equating it to kidnapping.

Sophie furthermore said she learned about their divorce from the tabloids, and it was a shock, considering she and Joe were allegedly planning to buy a property in the U.K. and relocate permanently.

The pair eventually worked out a temporary custody arrangement, but they’re still finalizing an official plan and the terms of their divorce (which may be complicated by Joe’s staggering wealth).

Both Joe and Sophie are dating other people, suggesting they’ve moved on – and they likely hope fans would do the same, too.