Sophia Momodu bonds with Davido’s 2nd daughter, Hailey

Sophia Momodu, Davido’s baby mama, won hearts online after a video leaked of her proudly calling herself a mother to Hailey Adeleke, the Afrobeats sensation’s daughter with his second baby mama, Amanda.

Sophia Momodu, her daughter Imade, and Davido’s second child, Hailey, formed a compelling scene in the video that delves deeply into their intricate family dynamics.

Imade asked her mother a thought-provoking question out of the blue, wondering why Hailey isn’t referred to as her daughter the same way she is to her.

Sophia, taken off guard by Imade’s question, reacted with passionate conviction. She vehemently confirmed that Hailey is absolutely her daughter, emphasising that their closeness goes beyond traditional labels and biological ties.

To demonstrate her point, Sophia drew Hailey into a soft embrace, holding her close in a gesture of maternal warmth.

Hailey’s joyful smile in response reflected the love and security she felt in Sophia’s arms.

The heartwarming sight impacted many netizens, eliciting a wide range of reactions and reflections.

Many people were intrigued by Sophia’s sweet maternal gestures, which highlighted her close bond with Hailey and Imade.

Some pointed out that Chioma has not been shown in any footage exhibiting same care for Davido’s other children.

Critics contended that Sophia should support Davido’s active involvement in Imade’s life, emphasizing the significance of a father’s role in a child’s upbringing.

They warned that Imade’s curious nature may eventually lead her to seek answers about her father, perhaps putting Sophia at odds with her daughter’s desires.

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