Singer Jaywon becomes a member of the RECORD ACADEMY

Jaywon, a Nigerian artist, has been formally inducted as a member of the famous Recording Academy, which is responsible for picking Grammy winners based on merit.

The Academy extended a warm welcome to Jaywon in a statement, acknowledging his achievements to the music industry and encouraging him to actively participate in fulfilling the organization’s objective.

As a member, Jaywon becomes a thriving community of music professionals and producer, engaging in celebrations, sharing experiences, and contributing to the growth of the music industry.

The Academy encourages Jaywon to pursue opportunities for involvement, learning, and service, and provides resources to help him integrate.

This achievement highlights Jaywon’s dedication and competence in the music industry, allowing him to play an important part in creating the future of music alongside his peers.

He will help to celebrate and advocate for the diverse community of music creators, supporting the Academy’s purpose to serve music and its artists.

Jaywon’s admittance into the Recording Academy is a significant accomplishment that solidifies his status as a respected voice in the music industry.

As he enters this new chapter, he will collaborate with other members to advance the Academy’s goal and celebrate the art of music.