Shia LaBeoufs Wife Mia Goth Sued By Extra Over Controversial Movie


  • Lawsuit against Mia Goth alleges assault and battery during filming, including kicking an extra in the head.
  • Extra claims Mia Goth mocked him, kicked him in the head, and invaded his privacy on set.
  • Mia and Shia LaBeouf have faced controversy and legal issues in the past, leading to doubts about their behavior.

Shia LaBeouf’s wife Mia Goth is proving to be equally controversial, as an extra from her new movie has launched a lawsuit alleging mistreatment, including assault and battery.

Court documents obtained by In Touch reveal that James Hunter, an extra on the new film MaXXXine, has filed a lawsuit against Mia, director Ti West, and the production company A24.


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Mia Allegedly Caused Physical Injuries

James alleges that the defendants “refuse to produce the unedited recordings which should show the warning to [Mia] and her kicking [James] in the head.”

In his lawsuit, James states that he was cast as a “dead parishioner” and his role required him to lie on the ground while Goth ran past or over him. He claims he was covered in fake blood from head to toe and had to endure “ants and mosquitoes” on set.

His lawyer asserts that Mia was repeatedly warned about nearly stepping on him during the scenes. James further claims that Goth “taunted, mocked, and belittled” him, and after he complained, he was fired.

The lawsuit alleges, “In the next scene Mia intentionally kicked plaintiff in the head. After the scene, [Mia] invaded plaintiff’s privacy in a bathroom and dared him to do anything about it.”

James also describes the difficulty of removing the fake blood, which caused him extreme pain, and claims that the kick resulted in serious pain and neck problems, with a doctor diagnosing him with a concussion. He is seeking $500,000 in damages for the alleged battery and wrongful termination.

Both Mia And Shia Have Been Accused Of Violence

Goth and the other defendants have denied all allegations of wrongdoing, and the actress has requested a Los Angeles Superior Court judge to dismiss all claims against her.

“If any of the allegations in the Complaint occurred, which [Mia] denies, then each and every cause of action alleged against [Mia] therein is barred because [James] consented to and approved all the acts and/or omissions about which [James] now complains,” her lawyer said in a statement, expressing Mia’s intention to fight back.


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Mia is not only famous for her successful movie career, marked by a number of niche and controversial films, but also her high-profile relationship with actor Shia LaBeouf. They began dating in 2012 when Mia was 19 and Shia was 26, sparking criticism due to their age difference. The couple faced significant challenges, including a public altercation in 2015 that led to LaBeouf’s arrest for disorderly conduct.

Despite these issues, they married in a Las Vegas ceremony in October 2016. Their marriage saw ups and downs, including a brief separation in 2018, but they eventually reconciled. In 2022, the couple welcomed their first child together.

The controversy surrounding their relationship is largely due to their age gap and the early stage at which they started dating, alongside the domestic violence allegations against LaBeouf. But the new lawsuit implicating Mia suggests she, too, may be guilty of aggressive behaviors.