Pete Davidson Is Silent Following Madelyn Cline Break-Up After Nearly A Year Together


  • Pete Davidson and Madelyn Cline reportedly ended their relationship amicably after nearly a year of dating.
  • Davidson’s celebrity status has led to high-profile relationships with many huge celebrities over the years.
  • Pete Davidson’s dating history includes engagements to Ariana Grande, flings with Phoebe Dynevor, and controversial relationships with Kim Kardashian.

Pete Davidson is single once again, as he’s reportedly broken up with actress Madelyn Cline after nearly a year of dating.

Speaking to The U.S. Sun, a source claims things between the pair simply fizzled out and there are no hard feelings. “They ended things fairly recently, and I understand it was amicable,” they explained.


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Pete Davidson’s celebrity status has also opened the door for him to date many huge celebrities over the years.

Pete And Madelyn’s Split Was Reportedly Amicable

Madelyn Cline and Pete Davidson
Via Instar Images 

The couple had largely managed to keep their relationship out of the public eye, with their last known public appearance together dating back to January. During that time, Madelyn attended one of Pete Davidson’s stand-up comedy shows, where she was seen by his side at the Helium Comedy Club in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Prior to this Philadelphia sighting, the couple’s most recent public outing had been at the end of December. The couple first attracted public attention in September of the previous year when they were photographed together at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Though the publication reached out to their reps, neither have officially confirmed their split or provided a comment.

Pete Has A Complicated Dating History

Pete first gained widespread recognition as a cast member on Saturday Night Live in 2014. His career began with a stand-up comedy routine, which caught the attention of Lorne Michaels, leading to his role on the iconic sketch comedy show.

The actor’s fame not only skyrocketed due to his comedic talent, but also his high-profile relationships. Over the years, Pete has been linked to several prominent figures, including his engagement to Ariana Grande in 2018 and his brief fling with Bridgerton star Phoebe Dynevor in 2021.

Perhaps Davidson’s most talked-about romance was with reality TV star and business mogul
Kim Kardashian
. They were first linked in October 2021, and their relationship quickly became a major topic of interest, especially due to her ex-husband
Kanye West’s
vocal disapproval of Pete.

The couple’s public appearances and social media interactions were closely followed, with fans and tabloids alike keenly observing their every move. However, their relationship faced its share of controversies, including scrutiny over their age difference and Davidson’s past relationships, which were often dissected in the press.

Davidson has also been involved in several scandals, often related to his relationships. In 2018, he faced backlash for mocking his ex-fiancée Ariana Grande’s ex-boyfriend, Mac Miller, in a Saturday Night Live sketch. The segment, which many found in poor taste, received significant criticism, though Davidson later addressed the situation with a heartfelt apology.


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Another notable scandal occurred in 2019 when Pete was criticized for his comments about his relationship with actress Kate Beckinsale. His jokes about their age difference drew public ire, though the comedian defended his remarks as part of his comedic persona.

Pete was dating actress Chase Sui Wonders shortly before his romance started with Madelyn. His break-up from Chase came after they were in a car crash where he was suspected of being under the influence; Pete checked himself into treatment afterwards.