“People Begging Me Not to Pursue Another Degree After the Previous 3” – DJ Cuppy

DJ Cuppy

Nigerian disc jockey Florence Otedola, commonly referred to as DJ Cuppy, has drawn varied emotions after disclosing her plans to pursue a fourth degree at the age of 31.

DJ Cuppy recently revealed her desire to continue her studies, despite already having many degrees.

Her announcement elicited a variety of reactions from the public, with some questioning the necessity for extra academic credentials when she already had great educational accomplishments.

In a recent Twitter (now X) post, DJ Cuppy recognized the replies she got, playfully adding that many are advising her not to get another degree.

She wrote;

“People are really begging me not to go back to school for a 4th degree [laughing emoji]. LMAO.”

The famous DJ’s educational journey includes a degree in Business and Economics from King’s College, London, which she completed in July 2014.

Following this, she obtained a master’s degree in music business from New York University in 2015.

Most notably, DJ Cuppy graduated from Oxford University in 2023 with an MSc in African Studies.

See below;

Reacting to the post;

@badlieutanant said: ” DJ Cuppy, earning degrees and master’s degrees shouldn’t be your priority at this point. You’re already 30+, you should focus on getting married and starting a family. Time is not on your side.

@Official_Ogiis said: “I’d definitely go back for a 4th if I have the money, opportunity and luxury for it. Create more opportunities for myself. So please go for a fourth or even a fifth, you never know when it’ll be needed and in all I wish you luck my dear

@stritmotivation said: “Shey u no wan marry, yoruba men plenty outside ohf Lagos”

@Tee_Classiquem1 said: “Don’t mind them, pls chase your dream.”

@Dr_Pharouk said: “Don’t listen to them, you need it for your future Rita Sunshine

@MeetSunshineMay said: “I think it’s boredom pushing you into these areas of study cos what’s the use? Your DJ career has been left hanging, man you don’t have, I honestly need to step in from here.

@EbiraConnect said: “Those people maybe just want you to get married first and then, you can pursue your 4th degree. After all, you can combine both marriage and education together since there is money. But at the end , do what makes you happy. “