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“No disrespect to Solo,” Wrestling veteran believes WWE should have made 32-year-old star the new Tribal Chief instead of Solo Sikoa

Solo Sikoa‘s Bloodline has garnered significant attention recently due to its ruthless actions over the past few weeks. However, the credit might not even go to him, as many fans believe that the group’s newest member, Jacob Fatu, has been more impactful than the leader. Not only fans, but former WWE star Matt Morgan also believes that the 32-year-old star should have been the leader of the new Bloodline.

While speaking on the Gigantic Pop podcast, Matt Morgan talked about the main event of the Money in the Bank PLE. He was particularly impressed by how WWE made Jacob Fatu look stronger when he got up seconds after taking a DDT from Randy Orton. In his opinion, The Samoan Werewolf secured The Bloodline’s victory in that match with his high-flying offense.

Morgan made a surprising statement, saying that he wanted to see Jacob against Cody Rhodes instead of Solo Sikoa. He felt that although the former NXT North American Champion was doing a great job, the 32-year-old star should have been The Tribal Chief. Interestingly, this was Solo’s only third win following his infamous victory over John Cena at Crown Jewel last year.

No disrespect to solo… he's improving, he wasn't given an easy position to pull off and he's doing better at it. But again, Jacob would've been much better as The Tribal Chief.

Matt Morgan via The Gigantic Pop

Speaking about the match, the babyface trio of Rhodes, Kevin Owens, and Orton started well by targeting Tama Tonga. In the final moments of the match, when it looked like Rhodes was going to hit the third Cross Rhodes on Solo, Jacob interfered and hit him with an astonishing Whisper in the Wind. The “new” Tribal Chief took advantage and pinned The American Nightmare ahead of their earmarked singles match at SummerSlam.

WWE had to speak with Canadian authorities to allow Jacob Fatu for Money In the Bank

In the pre-show press conference of Money in the Bank PLE, Jey Uso talked about how he was happy to finally be in Canada. Similar to his cousin, Jacob Fatu’s status for the show was up in the air due to his criminal record.

Solo Sikoa and Jacob FatuSolo Sikoa and Jacob Fatu
Solo Sikoa and Jacob Fatu (via WWE)

The veteran commentator revealed that WWE and Triple H had to ask the Canadian authorities to allow him to attend the event. He stated that this incident proved how dangerous Jacob was considered inside and outside of WWE. Apparently, the charges against Jacob prevented him from wrestling outside of the U.S.

There’s been a lot of jokes about Jey Uso and getting into Canada, but we have a serious situation with Jacob Fatu. WWE, including Triple H, had to work with Canadian authorities to get Jacob Fatu into the country for this match tonight. 

Michael Cole on the Countown to Money in the Bank pre-show

Many fans are excited to see him more and more on TV and already consider him the standout star in the group. It will be interesting to see how he utilizes The Samoan Werewolf to his full potential. There are so many dream matches that he can be a part of in the future, and the WWE Universe can’t wait to witness them.

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