Nigeria’s top cryptocurrency startup, Jeroid LTD takes impactful visit to the University of Lagos

Jeroid, Nigerian foremost crypto exchange startup, recently toured the campus of the University of Lagos holding interactive, educative and entertainment sessions in a program termed “Hall Week”.

Hall Week was a week-long schedule of activities where the Jeroid team met with students to engage them through fun activities and interactive sessions on the benefits of cryptocurrency and the Jeroid App.

First thing we did when we hit the streets was hold an informal Crypto for beginners course where we explained what the blockchain is in simple terms, and showed students how to trade and store crypto safely.

Jeroid 101–Extremely Special Elective

By the end of Hall Week, everyone was buzzing with new knowledge and ready to jump into the crypto world! Student life can be tough on the wallet, so what better way to help out than by showing students how to earn and trade using crypto? Fun and entertainment was a big part of Hall Week.

We hosted fun and informative sessions on how students can earn in cryptocurrency and make some smart trades using the Jeroid App. Jeroid is committed to festering the crypto revolution in Nigeria and students should not be left out.

We did not come bearing words alone. We gave out money, cool gifts, and loads of goodies to keep the vibes high and the smiles wide. Students won branded merch to some sweet tech gadgets, our giveaways were a hit. The Jeroid way.

At Jeroid, we believe in giving back. Supporting Hall Week wasn’t just about promoting our app – it was about making a positive impact and supporting the student community. Our sponsorship is a part of our commitment to the society at large, showing that we care about your growth and happiness.

See video with the link:

A huge shoutout to all the UNILAG students who joined us during Hall Week! We loved meeting you, sharing laughs, and spreading the crypto love. Remember, the Jeroid App is here to make your crypto journey easy and fun. If you haven’t already, download the app and start exploring the endless possibilities!

Stay tuned for more exciting events and updates. Until next time, keep trading and stay awesome, and remember Jeroid is Coming to a Hall Near You!

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