NCAA to sanction airlines in Nigeria for misleading departure times

The Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) has announced it will impose sanctions on airlines involved in misleading departure time scheduling.

The Acting Director-General, Capt. Chris Najomo conveyed this in a statement signed by the Director of Public Affairs/Consumer Protection, Mr. Michael Achimugu, on Tuesday.

The NCAA has warned airlines to desist from such infractions or face severe regulatory actions.

“It has come to our notice that some airlines are being reported for advertising deceitful departure times.

“The NCAA regulation says no airline shall display deceitful passenger departure times at its counter, advert material, or on its website.

“We want to make it very clear that the D-GCA has directed monitoring and offenders will face serious regulatory actions,” Najomo said.

The statement highlighted Najomo’s emphasis on the NCAA’s commitment to a business-friendly environment, while also stressing that operators must provide top-quality services to passengers.

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He further emphasized the Authority’s commitment to safety, discipline, and economic regulation, as demonstrated by the recent suspension of ten Permits for Non-Commercial Flights (PHCF) holders who failed to comply with the recertification advisory issued in April 2024.

Najomo highlighted the ease of doing business environment at the NCAA, noting it as an area of continuous improvement. The statement noted that his commitment is reflected in their high score on the Presidential Enabling Business Council (PEBEC) ranking, where the NCAA achieved an impressive 98.5%. This score builds on the commendable 71.04% the NCAA received during this year’s ICAO Security Audit.

He assured that the Authority will continue its efforts to enhance the industry’s safety and security for passengers and stakeholders.

Addressing the issue of refund processes by airlines, Najomo stated that all refunds must be processed without undue delays and concluded within 14 working days, regardless of the mode of ticket purchase.

Clarification on the suspension of licenses for 10 private jet operators

Regarding the suspension of PHCF licenses for ten operators, Najomo explained that they were advised in April 2024 to start the recertification process but failed to comply, leaving the Authority no choice but to sanction them.

Najomo addressed misconceptions and misinformation from a recent publication that claimed the law surrounding the suspension of the ten PHCFs was outdated, among other accusations.

He described these allegations as either ignorant or deliberately misleading and explained that the Authority’s actions were based on the Civil Aviation Act of 2022.

He emphasized that the NCAA’s decision was part of its mandate to enforce compliance with civil aviation laws and regulations.

To ensure the integrity of the sector, the NCAA reaffirmed its commitment to eliminating illegal charter operators, who might have influenced the misleading publication.

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