My wife’s allowance is high – Seun Kuti Reveals

Seun Kuti,

Nigerian artist Seun Kuti said during a recent interview that managing his wife’s allowance is the most difficult aspect of their marriage.

The couple, Seun and Yetunde, participated in a lighthearted question-and-answer session on Pulse Fun Facts, where they addressed various elements of their relationship.

When asked about the most difficult aspect of their marriage, Seun jokingly pointed out the financial strain of Yetunde’s monthly allowance, which he described as being in the seven figures. He said: “Her allowance is very high, seven figures every month.”

Despite his laughter, he confessed it’s a considerable investment and requires effort to maintain.

Yetunde subsequently questioned if he had any regrets regarding their marriage, and Seun boldly responded that he did not believe in regrets.

During the conversation, they also discussed what they are thankful for in their marriage, with Yetunde citing Seun and their daughter.

Seun joked that if he could modify Yetunde’s height, he would beg the ancestors to make her taller.

The couple’s banter and humour made for lively discussion, demonstrating their humorous dynamic in marriage.

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