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Mama June Shannon's grandchild receives heartfelt letter from her 'dad' after mom's death

Mama June Shannon’s granddaughter, Kaitlyn, has received a heartfelt letter from father Michael Cardwell’s fiancé. It comes months after Anna Cardwell, June’s daughter, passed away following a battle with cancer.

After Anna Cardwell’s death, Mama June Shannon was given custody of her daughter’s children. However, Michael Cardwell, the father of those kids, has said he’s preparing to fight for custody.

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Mama June’s grandchild receives letter from her dad’s partner

Mama June Shannon’s granddaughter, Kaitlyn, received a letter from London Smith, who expressed how much she, Michael and Kaitlyn’s sister, Kylee, miss Kaitlyn.

London revealed that they haven’t seen Kaitlyn since December, claiming that they have limited contact with her too. “We text her tablet and we may or may not get a response,” London wrote.

She added, “I think they monitor her tablet with like parental control.”

In her public letter on Instagram, London penned, “We just miss you so much sweet girl!”

Kaitlyn’s mother, Anna, passed away in December after a nearly year-long battle with cancer. Days later, Michael filed for custody of Kaitlyn, but her sister Kylee went to live with him because he is her biological father.

Although he is not Kaitlyn’s biological dad, Michael said he would still take both girls, rather than just Kylee, during his custodial visits. After Michael filed for custody of the 11-year-old, June did the same.

Michael Cardwell’s fiance says Kaitlyn is a ‘part of their soul’

Michael Cardwell is preparing to fight for custody against Mama June, who currently has custody of Anna’s children. Michael and June are set to go head-to-head in custody court on July 18.

A judge will decide if Kaitlyn will stay with June, or if she will go to live with Michael, London and her sister Kylee. London said they “promise to fight and will keep fighting” for her.

She added, “You are a piece of our souls, our hearts. You’re loved by a village that’s big enough to take over the world, and we all miss and love you so much!!! NEVER forget ????????????.”

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