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Luke Kuechly claims Brock Purdy will lead 49ers to get another Super Bowl this season despite heavy criticism

The San Francisco 49ers will be the team to beat in the NFC, more so as they will have a Brock Purdy leading the team who finally had a full offseason. It’s a win that Pardy requires in his CV to finally shut the naysayers who doubt his credentials.

Purdy found support from 7-time All-Pro linebacker Luke Kuechly. The 33-year-old has been well acquainted with 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan’s system since his Atlanta Falcons days.

49ers offense benefitted from Shanahan’s dynamic approach to the game. Kuechly believes the 2024 season will be no different. While appearing on the latest episode of Up and Adams, host Kay Adams asked Kuechly the reason for his faith in the 49ers.

When you look at what they have on the opposite side of the ball skill-wise. [Brock] Purdy is going into year three. He has established himself as a really high-end quarterback… [He has George] Kittle, [Kyle] Juszczyk, Deebo [Samuel], and then [Brandon] Aiyuk. They just have so many options to give to in the different areas of the field.

Luke Kuechly told Kay Adams

PFF claimed that the San Francisco 49ers possessed the best offensive playmakers in the 2023 season. They had a great overall side except for pass protection. Purdy faced pressure on nearly half of his dropbacks. PFF stated the 49ers ranked 24th in the NFL for pass protection, receiving only a 57.2 overall grade.

Will Brock Purdy sign a new deal?

Kuechly included Brandon Aiyuk as one of the weapons for Purdy in the 49ers’ pursuit of another Super Bowl run. However, the talented wide receiver who experienced a breakout year in 2023 remains a massive doubt due to the ongoing contract negotiations.

Luke Kuechly claims Brock Purdy will lead 49ers to get another Super Bowl this season despite heavy criticismLuke Kuechly claims Brock Purdy will lead 49ers to get another Super Bowl this season despite heavy criticism
Brock Purdy (Image via IMAGO)

The 49ers are driving a hard bargain, refusing to pay Aiyuk more than $24 million while he wants close to $31 million. As it stands, he will either get the desired money or leave for another team.

Purdy could face similar circumstances even though general manager John Lynch confidently claimed that the Iowa product remains one of the top priorities next year. For now, Purdy is one of the lowest-earning quarterbacks in the league ($934,452 annually), even Trey Lance who left for the Cowboys last season will receive more.

Now the question arises, how much can Purdy demand from Lynch and the 49ers if he wins the Super Bowl? Depending on the current quarterback market, it could get ugly according to Sports Illustrated’s Grant Cohn.

The highest-paid quarterbacks currently earn roughly $55 million per season. By next year when the salary cap most likely will increase by more than 10 percent, the top quarterbacks probably will begin to earn roughly $65 million. What if that's what Purdy asks for while the 49ers offer him $55 million? Will the 49ers threaten to force him to play out the final year of his rookie deal if he doesn't meet them at their number?

Grant Cohn wrote

Dak Prescott is also due an extension which will reset the market once more. If the 49ers are not careful, then it will become Aiyuk 2.0. On the flip side, they always have the option of trading him, but to part ways with a quarterback who just won a Super Bowl would come as a massive shock.

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