Lizzy Gold Sets Tongue Wagging As She Locks Lips With Kanyo O. Kanayo

Famous Nollywood actress Lizzy Gold has captured the attention of internet users with a video she recently posted on her Instagram page.

The mother of two, who looked to be on a film set with the seasoned actor, was spotted practicing a shooting scenario.

Along the way, the couple who appeared to be lovers in the play halted briefly and exchanged a mouth-to-mouth kiss, sparking a frenzy among netizens.

As predicted, netizens responded with insinuations.

Reacting to the post;

obic_ekeziem wrote: “Na kiss be this or nsusuu onu.”

prisma_james wrote: “Good match.”

One @dr_anietie wrote: “This kissing hmm wait until you are used for sacrifice.”

ezenwa_akummili wrote: “Uncle KOK and una still kiss.”

arielyn_bassek wrote: “Everyday na gun you deh learn? Mortal hearts I teach you, now KOK deh teach you.

Gen Gen, what are you not telling us.”

Watch the video below:


In other news, veteran Nollywood actor, Kanayo O. Kanayo shared his thoughts on the importance of gratitude in our interactions with others.

The veteran actor expressed concern over the growing trend of ingratitude, where people receive help but fail to show appreciation.

Kanayo highlighted the example of sending money to someone in need, only to receive a brief “seen” in response, lacking any expression of gratitude.

He emphasized that unspoken appreciation is equivalent to ingratitude, as it fails to acknowledge the kindness shown.

The actor encouraged his fans to cultivate the habit of gratitude, recognizing that no one owes us anything.