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Jets star Sauce Gardner LAUDS Madden streamer Sketch’s guts to open up on past life

Everyone makes mistakes in their lives. But it is more important to accept those mistakes and rectify them. However, when a past mistake is revealed by someone else, it is difficult to justify those actions. One person in that situation was NFL Madden streamer Sketch when his past was strewn onto the internet. But he came back strong and opened up about it, eventually leading New York Jets star cornerback Sauce Gardner to come out in support.

Sketch’s past with OnlyFans became a raging topic of discussion among netizens yesterday. In response, the streamer confirmed his past actions, apologized and talked about the dark times in his life. In the midst of negative responses, Sauce Gardner had a different take.

Sketch handled the situation better than alot of people would've. The same ones that loved him before all of this will love him after and if they don't then they didn't really love him to begin with. People go thru tough times and it promotes growth. I stand with him.

Sauce Gardner said

Gardner lauded Sketch’s courage to come out and accept his mistake. This is something Gardner feels not many people have the guts to do.

What caused fans of Sketch to go berserk is that he never revealed his s*xual orientation before. More importantly, OnlyFans is seen as the platform someone goes to when their current work is struggling. But Sketch informed everyone that he had the account 2 years ago. A time when he was not in the right frame of mind.

But to accept it live on Twitch with thousands of netizens watching, was a bold move. Sauce Gardner appreciated Sketch showing his strength of character.

Sauce Gardner appreciates Faze Banks saving Sketch

In the video, Sketch revealed that once the allegations came out, he was not in the right frame of mind. Fellow streamer Faze Banks reached out to him and stayed with him through the night. That inadvertently saved Sketch’s life as without that company, he contemplated taking his own life. When screenshots of this conversation were revealed, the 2-time All-Pro replied with 2 fingers crossed emoji. That indicates staying positive.

New York Jets star Sauce Gardner is an avid gamer himselfNew York Jets star Sauce Gardner is an avid gamer himself
New York Jets star Sauce Gardner is an avid gamer himself (image via Imago)

The New York Jets cornerback appreciated the support Faze Banks gave Sketch, else the streaming world would have lost one of their most popular stars. Sketch is also a big-time fan of the Houston Texans. He called out their 4th round pick in this year’s NFL draft.

Sketch made his name through live streaming while playing NFL’s Madden games. Sauce Gardner is a part of that gamer community. An ardent gamer himself he has his own role-playing multiplayer modification in GTA V known as New Sauce City. Therefore, he is happy and appreciative of one of his community members being safe and sound.

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