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“I skipped rehab for this sh*t” – Ryan Garcia reacts to brother Sean Garcia’s loss to Amado Vargas

Ryan Garcia has been the center of attention for a week now, although for all the wrong reasons. The boxer made headlines after his latest controversial remarks which took the internet by storm. However, his week just got worse after his brother Sean Garcia lost his bout to Amado Vargas.

Sean Garcia and Amado Vargas were part of the Jorge Masvidal vs. Nate Diaz fight card. In the fight, Sean lost for the first time in his professional career. Sean was ruled unfit to continue the fight by the referee, who stopped it in the sixth round. Following the fight, ‘King Ry’ revealed that he skipped his rehab only to be disappointed by his younger brother’s loss. 

Skipped rehab for this s***

Ryan Garcia via X

During the fight, Amando made his father world champion, Fernando Vargas proud. Vargas took control of the fight right away, building an enormous advantage with points as the round went on. Vargas earned a knockdown in the fourth round that significantly changed the tide of the fight. In his tweets, Garcia also couldn’t resist taking a shot at the Vargas family by mentioning that he could easily defeat Amado and his siblings.

This incident follows a week of controversy. Previously, Garcia was expelled from the WBC just days before for using racial and Islamaphobic remarks. He then offered a backhanded apology, claiming he was going to rehab. Although Garcia hasn’t shown any indications of slowing down his conduct thus far, he has recently included Mike Tyson in the mix.

A few months ago, Ryan Garcia became the face of boxing after he pulled out one of the biggest upsets of recent times. He beat Devin Haney via majority decision but wasn’t given the belt for missing weight going into the fight. However, everything fell apart when he was found positive for PEDs and the results were overturned. Garcia was banned from boxing for a year which was followed by his series of online rants. 

Ryan Garcia compares his controversial rants to Mike Tyson 

Ryan Garcia compares his controversial rants to Mike Tyson
Ryan Garcia compares his controversial rants to Mike Tyson (via X)

After his latest racist and Islamophobic comments, he faced overwhelming criticism from fans and experts. While responding to this, Garcia gave an example of young Mike Tyson and how he used to trash talk to his opponents. According to Garcia, this has always been a part of the fight business.

Mike Tyson said he would f*ck a white man In the a*s and eat someone’s children 
And I love uncle Mike 
This the fight game fam 
We been getting hit in the head since 7 years old give us a damn break 
Fighting for yall entertainment.

Ryan Garcia via X 

After watching his brother lose, Garcia was observed being escorted out of the Honda Center bus by security officials. However, the boxer later revealed that he left on his terms. With things just getting worse for Garcia, it would be interesting to see what he plans for his future.

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