“I don’t look for anyone’s trouble, so don’t look for mine” – BBNaija’s Angel issues stern warning to a certain someone

BBNaija’s Angel seems to have been put in a sour mood, as she took to Instagram to rant. In her cryptic post, Angel wrote;

”For the last year since I came back from all stars, I have not shaded anyone, I have minded my business, not involved myself in what is not my business except it has to do with people I love.

Please leave me alone, I beg. I don’t disturb anyone, I don’t look for anyone’s trouble, don’t look for mine, I beg”

BBNaija’s Angel issues stern warning to a certain someone.BBNaija’s Angel issues stern warning to a certain someone.

The subject of Angel’s ire remains unknown, as she didn’t mention the person or people behind her post.

However, the message is clear, and Angel doesn’t want anyone looking for her trouble, when she had clearly been minding her business.

Circling back to the statement she made about minding her business unless it concerns her loved ones, it brings to mind the time when she showed full support for Queen Mercy Atang when she was having issues with her baby daddy.

The fact that she mentioned the All Stars shows leads to the possibility of the message being meant for one of her fellow competitors.

Angel hasn’t been involved in any public scandal recently, and has mostly been on a social media recluse.

The last time there was drama surrounding her name was a few months back, when she deleted all of her pictures with her boyfriend Soma and simultaneously unfollowed him.

Despite the fact that she unfollowed him, Soma still followed Angel on Instagram, which led to a lot of confusion.

Fans were aghast over the situation, with rumors flying around that they had broken up for good.

After weeks of turmoil for shippers, Angel flicked by the switch of hope for shippers, when she posted pictures of herself with Soma.

When Soma celebrated his thirtieth birthday anniversary, Angel couched a sweet note for him.